Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rick's Roadshow: Rome, Italy-Day 2

Welcome to day two of Rick' Roadshow: Rome, Italy. It was a perfect day in Rome, the weather was pleasant, it was not too crowded, and we had no set schedule of things we had to do or see. We spent most of the afternoon with family, meandering and exploring. By lunchtime I was famished and wanted to enjoy a casual lunch at a local cafe. I found a cute place just across from our hotel, so we were in luck. We sat at tables on the sidewalk and watched the world go by. I had a nice glass of Chianti, which seemed appropriate. (You know what they say: "When in Rome..."). This was a good chance to practice my Italian, which needed some work. During a taxi ride earlier I was able to communicate in Italian, but I would stop short of saying I spoke Italian!

above: I ordered Pennette con Quattro Formaggi, which was served with a nice salad and fresh, crispy Italian bread!

above: As we walked around the streets of Rome, there was plenty of evidence of how old a city it is. Take this wall for example...

above: the wall had ivy and other plants growing on it, which added to the charm and character of the city.
Galleria di Borghese

above: We made plans to visit the Galleria di Borghese, a fantastic museum with paintings and sculpture, dating as far back as 50 AD, although most was from the 1500's. Unfortunately the museum forbids photography (which I understand). All I can say is it was full of truly amazing and inspirational works of art.

above: check out the details on the exterior of the Borghese Villa, it was quite bellisimo! (click to see details)

above: the grounds at the villa had beautiful statues and fountains, such as this one. (click to see details)

above: this is the full statue of the one above. (click to see details)

above: the grounds at Villa Borghese also had many fine gardens such as this one above.
More Interesting Sights of Rome

above: When I saw this I stopped dead in my tracks. I love the Dragon perched on top of this arch.

above: and check him out...

above: Soon it was time for dinner and there is no shortage of wonderful places to eat.

above: I kept drooling at all the pastries in the counter

above: not to mention the incredible selection of Gelato! Of course I had some after dinner.

above: I just liked the look of this hotel at night, all the individual lights give it a dramatic look against the black sky. It turned out to be a great day. the one word I would use to sum it up: Bravissimio!
-Signore Ricardo Rockhill


Signore RhodesTer said...

Signore Rockhill,

Spero che lei ha un viaggio meraviglioso! Per favore non di nuotare nudo nella piscina di hotel! Ciò è un bel vestito che lei ha su! Lei va alla luna il di nuovo anno prossimo?



Anonymous said...

YUM! Pure european/Italian food...I miss the breads and baked goods of europe.

That is a cool the way that hotel was lit up at night! It stands out.

Safe travels and have a blast, hon!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i have seen most of that and it is so much fun seeing on your blog places i have been!


smiles, bee

Palm Springs Savant said...

Signore RhodesTer-
Le mie corse stanno andando molto bene. Lotti di camminare intorno così sono stanco. Stasera stiamo andando alla piazza Navona per il pranzo.
Signore Rockhill

Desert Songbird said...

Marvelous, Rick, simply marvelous.

Sheila said...

Hope you have many more wonderful days in Italy. I love Italy in the fall when some of the crowds have gone home. Look forward to seeing more photos soon.

Seamus said...

How wonderful that you've got time to really explore Rome.

That dragon is awesome!

jackie said...

so beautiful, so very nice!

kenju said...

You are making me so homesick for Rome! And you just HAD to show the gelato, didn't you? LOL
I hope you ate some for me.


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