Friday, September 19, 2008

Adventures of Sheldon: A Trip to The Groomer

At the risk of boring you to death with yet ANOTHER post about our young Sheldon, I decided to do exactly that. Yesterday Sheldon went to get his first haircut. I brought him to work with me early in the morning (as I do many days) so he did not suspect any difference in his daily routine. But at 8:30 we left the office and drove to the grooming salon. Having never been groomed, this was all new for him, and he was excited to be handed off to the nice grooming girl behind the counter. A few hours later I returned to the groomer to pick up young Sheldon. Except my dog wasn't there. Well what I really mean is the dog I dropped off wasn't the dog I took home. I literally did not recognize my dog when I first saw him. Sheldon knew he looked different. He walked over to the doggie mirror and looked at himself- can you imagine that? I wondered what went through his mind when he saw himself. On the way home he was SO EXCITED he was smiling the entire way. Of course, I treated him to some delicious organic dog cookies as a reward.

above: Young Sheldon sits outside of the grooming salon and poses for this photo. The groomer did a good job, but I think she cut his hair shorter than I would prefer.

above: Remember this dog? This of course is Sheldon from a few days before his haircut. Wow what a difference! I'm traveling today, flying to Providence for a bit of business and to visit family along the way. I'll be attending the Farm Aid concert on Saturday so I'll have a report for you about it. Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Friday all!
-Rick Rockhill


Tea N. Crumpet said...

He is so cute! Does he have a cold nose?

I give my Bovier des Flanders a short haircut. I can't keep it combed out nicely and he looks younger with a short trim or "puppy cut."

Cheryl said...

That must be so strange to pick up such a different doggie than you brought in. And that he smiled at his new look!

I'm all caught up with you. Great stories and pics Rick!

Anonymous said...

He's a handsome boy! You can see those msichevious eyes.... What a cutie pie!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

ohhhh sheldon! nice!!! all grown up now and so cute! (pssst: sheldon, did you know you could have a blog of your own? ask daddy!)

ha ha ha ha ha

smiles, bee

A Lewis said...

Super Dog!!!

TWISI said...

Miss Lita has her groomer appointment tomorrow, I am sure she will come home with bows in her hair and an even sassier attitude than normal.

lime said...

wow1 did sheldon loose about 20 lbs in fur weight???

he does look cute though.

kenju said...

Yeah, his facial hair is too short for my taste. What does he think of it?

Desert Songbird said...

Are you sure he's the same dog? Really? He looks brown in that pre-grooming photo.

Farm Aid? Cool!

RhodesTer said...

It's about time that no-good hippie Sheldon settled down and got hisself a haircut and a job. You'll make him into a responsible member of society yet, dad!

Jeni said...

With or without a haircut, Sheldon just seems to have personality plus, oozing out from all over the place! Such a cutie he is!

Tea and Margaritas in My Garden said...

LOL....he Sheldon sure does look like another dog entirely! Really enjoyed your pics of Rhode Island too, Rick.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Awwwww....He looks so cute all shorn...! And as you know, it will grow!
I'm thinking about having Sweetie shaved once again....He seemed so happy when his fur was shorter....!

Sheila said...

When I had my Samantha, it was a joy to see her express how good she felt after grooming. She'd roll around and shake and get lots of good rubbing. Sheldon looks cute.

WAT said...

I think Sheldon looks adorable. MUAH!


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