Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Saturday Seven: Interesting Magical Creatures I've Known*

Have you ever known someone who doesn't quite seem human? I'm not being cruel or unkind-I am referring to those moments when someone has qualities or features that resemble a mythological or magical creature. Take for instance the Leprechaun. I once knew an Irish guy who lived in Chicago who resembled a Leprechaun. He was slightly on the short side, say 5'6" tall and had hair that was fire-red and a beard that matched. He was a happy person without a care in the world and always seemed to have all the luck. I used to joke with him that he was a Leprechaun and he would laugh-but not too much actually, which made me wonder. Maybe he was a descendant of a Leprechaun. This brings me to another scintillating edition of The Saturday Seven: Interesting Magical Creatures I've Known* (well kinda)

above: #1 House Elves- this one above is the character "Kreacher" form the Harry Potter series. I know a rather old guy who physically resembles a house elf, and has the disposition to match. He shuffles about, muttering to himself.
above: #2 Unicorn A zillion years ago when I used to ride horses, there was one horse in the stables who had some sort of calcium growth on his head that looked like a horn. I used to think he was a unicorn.

above: #3 Yoda. There is a guy who is really really tiny and has ears like Yoda. The amazing part is he has the strength of ten men three times his size. So like Yoda, he seems to have all sorts of hidden powers.
above: #4 Centaur. OK I can't honestly say I know or met one, but there is someone I see all the time who has the biggest backside I've ever seen on a human. His butt is like a shelf, which leads me to believe that maybe he is part horse and had the backside surgically removed at birth...
above: #5 Gnomes. Oh come on, I'm guessing that even you have seen or known someone who resembled a gnome. One of the baggers at the grocery store sure fits the bill.
above #6 Goblins: I think there is one working in the bank I go to. He is little, and sits way up high on his stool behind the counter.

above: #7 Gollum: The person I have in mind who reminds me of Gollum even has the bulging eyes and stringy hair. I've often been tempted to dangle a gold ring in his face to see if he subliminally utters the words: "my precious"
What about you? Have you ever known or seen anyone who reminded you of a magical creature? Someone must have a good story to share...go ahead, leave a comment, it's a holiday weekend!
-Rick Rockhill


jackie said...

my next door neighbor has a kid that looks like a troll- you know, the ones with the wild hair that stands straight up? And they are little terrors. I always refer to them as the trolls.

Sunshine said...

There's a couple people who have kind of a gnome/elf "look" going on.

The butt shelf is a curse not restricted to men, I have seen women like that and they usually are using a scooter to get around the store.

C said...

Oh my goodness! YES! I have met someone that looks like Gollum too! It was the oddest and most unsettling experience. I felt badly that I felt that way, but the bulging eyes and the stringy hair just gave me the creeps.

I also had a friend who looked like a Viking. He was fun to hang out with, until he had a few drinks in him. He even acted like a Viking!

kenju said...

I have definitely seen trolls and elves.....LOL and some gnomes, too.

Mo said...

That's funny - there's a grocery store clerk at our supermarket who has the hairiest ears we've ever seen - we've been calling him a House Elf!
A very fun post!

Desert Songbird said...

Okay, I'll admit it, I'm married to a leprechaun. He's 5'6" tall, had fire red hair as a child, has slightly pointed ears, and is of Irish descent. He does NOT have a sunny disposition, however. There is ONE naysayer who thinks I married him for his money ("pot of gold"), but that's just a rumor.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, I cannot think of one person in particular that fits the exact "bill" here...BUT, I do believe a few Elves and a Fairy or two or more, have graced my life....And possibly a Gnome here and there, too! All were and are delightful creatures and very special, too!

Anonymous said...

my mother-in-law looks like Gollum. and my wife is "her precious".

Olivia said...

My college chemistry teacher was like a leprechaun. He had flaming hair and a goatee. Though he was quite tall, he was very cheeky to all of us in class and had a v-shaped grin and mischievous blue eyes to match. So whenever we discussed his appearance we were sure his motto was "Oi want me Lucky Charms".

In high school the secretary's last name was Yedwab, which sounds either like it was spelled backwards or is some weird alien language. And she did look like one - with big eyes and a pointy head.

karma lennon said...

I get compared to a pixie a lot. :) Can't think of anyone in particular that looks like a magickal creature tho....not in particular, have known a few elven girls.

WAT said...

Hey, Gollum was really creepy, but I also felt sorry for him in a way. Am I the only one? Greed made him so damn ugly and he lost his damn mind!

I just didn't like it when he fell into the volcano once and for all. I just didn't.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

Wat-- that makes me think of poor Howard Hughes at death. Maybe he didn't look like Gollum, but he had the gross hair and unkempt look.

I know that I married an angel, but he looks like a regular guy-- except for his eyes. His eyes are very gentle, kind and loving, markedly so. (Angels however are not perfect so I cannot extol his goodness too much lest he egt full of himself!)

My best friend in junior high reminded me of a Muppet from Sesame Street. She had a wide smile and put her hair into a pony tail at the base of her neck like Prairie Dawn. My friend is very laid back, though, where Prairie Dawn is not!


I almost married a troll before my current husband swooped in and rescued me.


My husband Papi looks an awful lot like the giant statues found amongst the Mayan/Aztec ruins. Especially in his ears.

I'm a terrible person for saying that. He might retaliate and say I resemble Jabba The Hutt or something equally mean.

Brian said...

Although I don't want to admit it, one drinking buddy (from Michigan) likens me to the Vernors Gnome. I think he's jealous since I can grow facial hair... but I am above 5'6"... I swear!!


Brian said...

Although I don't want to admit it, one drinking buddy (from Michigan) likens me to the Vernors Gnome. I think he's jealous since I can grow facial hair... but I am above 5'6"... I swear!!



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