Monday, July 28, 2008

A Magical Moment..

I passed by this garden recently and took a photo to capture the sensation I felt. The garden was welcoming and had a calming effect, so much so it stopped me in my tracks. It was an interesting sensation, as if someone was trying to speak to me through the garden. I have learned never to question things like that, but rather to accept such occurrences as a magical moment, so I continue on. I'm glad I took the photo, it perfectly preserved that wonderful moment that day. And not knowing what was at the end of the garden path is actually quite fun.


lime said...

aaahhhh, the pause that refreshes, no?

Anonymous said...

I had that moment last year while visiting Captiva. My father was gravely ill (he died a week later).

Hubby took me to Captiva to watch the sunset. We only stayed for 15 minutes, but it was the best sunset I'd ever seen.

God spoke to me that day and told me that even though the sunset still signals darkness, that there is always light.

It's those moments in life you never, ever forget. Thanks for sharing yours.

Desert Songbird said...

Magic is all around us, Rick. Sadly, too many people miss out on it because they're in such a rush to get somewhere else.

Mags said...

It is peaceful and beautiful. I love when we stumble upon moments like this.

Olivia said...

Ah, little magical moments. Those are the ones that add up to make life good.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

Stop and smell the roses and appreciate every moment as if it were a work of art! You live your life like this, dear Rick!


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