Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Art Review: Lightning!

And now, something completely different. Earlier this morning I was awakened to the sound of heavy rain. I thought it must have been a dream, because this is Palm Springs, it's not supposed to rain here. Apparently there was some freakish storm that blew in from LA and doused us with tons-o-rain. The nifty part was that we had thunder and lightning, which is even more of a rarity for us. This was my inspiration for today's Sunday Art Review: Lightning!

So first, a few stats for you: Lightning is an electric discharge in our atmosphere, usually seen during a thunderstorm. Lightning bolts can travel a third of a mile per second and can get as hot as 54,000 °F. Amazingly, there are over 16 million lightning storms every year on our planet alone. Now on with the photos for this art review:

Lightning is truly a fascinating sight to see. I hope you agree that these are some fantastic photos, and in my opinion can be considered "art".
-Rick Rockhill


Desert Songbird said...

Our storm hit about 2:15 this morning - it was wonderful! My backyard still has standing water in it.

lime said...

i'd certainly call it art. it is a miraculous combination of creation and capturing that fleeting moment of a flash.

whimsical brainpan said...

These are great! I have some cool pics of a lightning storm triggered by volcanic ash (not taken by myself of course).

And have you ever seen lighting glass? Beautiful! I would love to own some one day.

Biddie said...

Incredible photos. The top two are my favs.

Olivia said...

I love lightning and don't know why people are afraid of it. Imagine, a free light and sound show from our own planet! Thanks for sharing those breathtaking images.

Anonymous said...

We live in a highrise and face WSW on the 10th floor. The highrise is also on one of the highest hills in Nashville. So we get primo seats for storms. And they can be pretty!

rain is good for y'all...right?

thepreppyprincess said...

Oh wow, these are just fabulous! How often does this happen? It definitely *is* art.
Thanks for posting them.

kenju said...

Ahhhh....electrified art!

grand *ma said...

Wowie, you really got blasted, didn't you? The lightening photos looks much like what New Mexico has this time of year. It's the rainy season there, of course, but Palm Springs? All I can say is wowie!

Central Valley skies are really funky with overcast today and man oh man has it been hot. It isn't even August, yet.


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