Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Art Review: The Bright and The Bold

Like so many things, art is subjective and open to individual preferences and perceptions. I recently had the opportunity see some fun, vibrant paintings in a relaxed, casual setting. Perhaps the best part was that I was able to do so with a nice glass of wine in hand, hence the reason for my big smile in these photos. What? You say I always have that same cheesy smile plastered on my face in all my photos? For all of the regular readers who've never seen me in jeans, well here you go. These photos aren't the best for admiring the paintings, but it's all I have of them, so if necessary, squint, turn your head and try to check out this series of what I am calling:
Sunday Art Review: The Bright and the Bold

above: "blue Dog"

above: "Fresh Bell Peppers"
above: "Fruit and Veggie River"
above: These are "Tomatoes on the Vine" and "Happy Koi"
Do any of these appeal to you? Let me know what you think- leave a comment! Thanks for stopping by.
-Rick Rockhill


kenju said...

I like them all, but fruit and veggie river appeals the most.

Anonymous said...

blue dog is kinda cool, it's unexpected.

Mona said...

wow! those paintings are marvelous!

They really 'become' you!

Or you really 'become' them.. LOl!

Whatever! :)

whimsical brainpan said...

They are all great but "Fresh Bell Peppers" is just so striking.

Olivia said...

Ah, the Blue Dog, it's a Picasso isn't it? I had my fill of those at the MoMA last weekend and posted more pictures than I usually allow!


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