Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shameless Plugs and Boasting

As most of you know I generally avoid discussing work related things on my personal blog, including specifically mentioning the name of my employer (but it is that pet specialty retailer known as "Where the Pets Go"). If you check out one of my celebrity photos on the left side bar, you'll see me standing next to that person who is known for working with dogs. He sort of "whispers" to them in fact. Anyway, our company just launched a new line of stuff with his name on it. I'm not posting this to try to sell you anything, more just to send you to a cool link with a video of him. Oh and there is also this article that I was interviewed in about it too. But since I'm somewhat shy I wouldn't DREAM of asking you to read it.
-Rick Rockhill


RhodesTer said...

Oh for heaven's sake, quit being so shy and just go ahead and plug him! Do you have any links to the stuff with his name on it or perhaps a video? Even an article would do.. so go ahead and link away, Rick!

..oh, wait..

snowelf said...

We know. We dig it that you're so modest.



p.s. it really is fantastically cool.

Desert Songbird said...

Of course you wouldn't ask, Mr. VP of Merchandising.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Songbird- that's a new title too, I'm pleased to report. :-)

Sheila said...

In addition to Dr. Wang, you too are psychic. I was going to e-mail a question for Dr. Wang seeking advice for my granddog, Monte. Instead, I discover through this post that your employer (he who must not be named) will soon be offering an online training course by Cesar Millan.

I can't wait to see if his advice can help. Monte is the cutest English Springer Spaniel, but he has a most annoying habit--he goes nuts when someone visits. There is about five minutes of utter chaos--barking, jumping, crazed running around and generally awful canine behavior. Then, he settles down and is his sweet self again.

My son and daughter-in-law brought their preemie baby home last month and they have visitors and early intervention house calls. So you can see this is a problem needing attention. I wonder too if you or Dr. Wang could recommend a book that might address this behavior issue?

And I hope you will keep those smiles coming. Your blog is a delight.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Hi Sheila- thannks, you are so nice to say that! OK, well since you are some options: a good book for correcting common behavior problems is "Cesar's Way". And yes, we are planning to offer is online training course as well, but there are a lot of modules in that course. Another option is to go to an actual training class. But here are some things to try at home first that I've read about on the Web from various sources:

1. Squat down to greet your dog so he can see your face and talk to him. He needs to learn that by sitting quietly with all four feet on the floor he will get attention that way.

2. Be sure your dog knows how to sit when commanded. Practice commanding "sit" in situations where your dog jumps. Give him praise and a small treat when he sits after you told him to.

3. Do not allow your dog to jump on you ever, even during play time. If he does, you can try yelping loudly to communicate in his language.

4. If your dog starts to jump up on you, turn sideways and either extend your leg or lean over and with your hip give a body block. This should prevent him getting his paws on you. never let your dog "win" in their desire to have their paws on you.

5. When your dog has all four feet on the floor, immediately squat down and give him attention.

6. If he jumps before you were able to block or yelp, do NOT push him away with your hands. Dogs think that is play. I've heard of some people GENTLY steppping on the toes of one of the dog's rear feet, but not enough to hurt the dog. All you want to do is make it a little uncomfortable to them.

Just to reinforce, I am not a trainer and am not recommending this on behalf of my employer, just passing along some things I've read.

Hope thst helps!

Sheila said...

Thanks, Rick. I will try some of these.


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