Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy In-Depend- Ants-Day!!






Rhodester said...



and I thought MY BLOG was corny.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Sorry, no refunds allowed ;-)

Jeni said...

That is sooooo bad, but really funny too. Don't you love when you have one of those type things though.
Still smiling here from it.
Peace and Happy Fourth to you too, Rick.

Odat said...

You are just too silly!!!!

Have a great 4th!


Mo said...

That made me giggle.
Happy In-depends-ants day to you, too!

C said...

LOL! Happy 4th, Rick! Hope you have a great time celebrating!

Funny post! You are too cute!!

Casdok said...

And to you!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well....I use to think that was funny....! Now, it's too close to home...LOL!

Happy 4th, Rick!
And thank you...I LOVE those images, too!

Desert Songbird said...


Aren't you the clever one, Rick? Have a great holiday weekend, my friend.

Kerry and Rachel said...

Happy 4th! You are too funny!

karma lennon said...

Haha, cute! ;)

snowelf said...

That was waaaay cute. :)
Happy 4th Rick!!



funny my inlaws and husband and I just rented the Buckets list last night but I'm not going to read your post for fear of a spoiler alert..we also saw Vantage Point..very good!!

HAppy fourth of July!
I had a funny version of Jue-lie but I changed it..didn't want to seem disrespectful to my husband :) haha

Tea N. Crumpet said...

I saw the Depends and wondered if you were OK or about to discuss a very emotional topic!

Happy Independence Day to you!

We marched in a parade-- several of my children were marching with difference candidates than the ones I hope for and I was quite proud of this. I am grateful that we were all expressing out views, however different and are in a grate country that lets us do this! (We were not marching for one person,mandated to be there.)

Anonymous said...

You're silly... but'cha know what? I loved it!

Olivia said...

Oh you ARE original...

Hope you had a good one!

Anndi said...

Quite silly! LOL!

WAT said...

That was so cheesy. I need crackers now.

P.L. Frederick said...

Har har har!


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