Friday, July 18, 2008

Holding Trevor Film Screening Today

Long time readers of this blog know that every January I usually write some of the new and interesting films being screened at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, and next year will be no exception. This week I came across a new film that has been receiving great reviews so I decided to share information about it. "Holding Trevor" is a general release film with a gay theme and is being screened in Palm Desert today as part of a traveling screening schedule across the country. It may be a bit "in-your-face" for some, but I'll assume you have an open mind and will not be offended by this synopsis from the film website:

Trevor Holden has just witnessed his boyfriend Darrell overdose on heroin--again. And as his oldest friend, Trevor feels a responsibility to help Darrell in his latest attempt at sobriety, much to the dismay of his own best friends Jake and Andie. But, when Darrell starts using again Trevor is finally ready to call it quits. And just when he does, he meets the ever so charming Ephram. Simply being everything that Darrell is not immediately wins Ephram a number of points. As Trevor’s relationship with Ephram quickly progresses, it starts to put a strain on his friendships with Jake and Andie. Jake, the self-proclaimed sex-addict, is starting to worry a little bit about his past catching up with him, namely in the form of HIV. And Andie, who drunkenly ends her sexual dry spell with a one-night stand, realizes that Jake might have less to worry about than she does. Meanwhile, Ephram accepts a job thousands of miles away in New York City, and he wants Trevor to go with him. Now, what started out as Trevor’s own personal existential journey, turns into a path that will lead everyone to what is most important: themselves. Holding Trevor is continually poignant, relentlessly self-deprecating, and just the type of cerebral dark comedy that can speak directly to the twenty-somethings of today while letting other generations in on the joke.

For all you locals, you can catch this film at the Cinemas Palme d'Or theatre in Palm Desert. If you live in Columbus Ohio, you can catch it on 8/15 at the Drexel Theatre, or on 8/21 in Santa Rosa CA at the Rialto Cinemas lakeside.
Happy Friday all!
-Rick Rockhill


Anonymous said...

A gay romantic comedy? Interesting.


oooh! IT sounds like a heartbreaking film!! what about in Chicago? any dates for me over here?
You need to come for a visit--while it's nice and hot!
I'd meet up with you for a martini... :) lol

That sounds like a great film, as always thank you for the useful information> I'm going to go forward this to my friends, they'll love the sound of this film.


WAT said...


The boys in it look very cute. I WILL check this one out on DVD.

whimsical brainpan said...

This sounds like a good film. I'll have to check it out.

Tod said...

Not heard of this one. I'll look forward to it.


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