Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Saturday Seven: Magazines I Read

I don't know about you, but there are a few magazines that I subscribe to regularly, and then a few that I buy from the new stand when something catches my eye. Despite being of the Internet Age, I still enjoy reading magazines. There are a few magazines that I tend to save, resulting in hideous stacks and stacks, filling closets and shelves. When I travel, I tend to load up on even more magazines at the airport. They are the ideal quick read for someone with A.D.D. or just in need of a quick escape without having to invest too much time. This brings me to another scintillating edition of The Saturday Seven: Magazines I Read

#1 Palm Springs Life: This one should come as no surprise to you. It appropriately bills itself as "California's Prestige Living Magazine". Aside from interesting articles and great photo spreads, it has a society section in the back which I track carefully.

#2 The Robb Report: This magazine makes me feel good, even though half of what's in it are outrageously priced things, it is fun to dream a bit. It is sort of like window shopping at Neiman-Marcus.

#3 Architectural Digest: Probably should be my number one magazine because I've been reading this for a very long time- since I was a kid really. I love looking at people's homes, and fascinating places around the world.

#4 Clean Eating: A new magazine for me that I found at Whole Foods; it has such great content. It's the right balance of everything-info about food, how to eat better, stuff about going green, etc.
#5 Gourmet: The trustworthy cooking magazine that has incredible photography of all kinds of dishes. I actually use this when I entertain to get new ideas.
#6 Men's Health: We men need advice and ideas on how to live. It's kind of a cross between your coach, the school nurse, and your dad, giving you advice and stuff to think about.
#7 Newsweek: Sometimes I feel guilty about not keeping up on things in the world and like to read a good news magazine with some editorial. I would also throw in magazines like The Economist, US News & World Reports and Time in this category.

bonus entry: Wine Spectator. This is a great magazine for anyone who enjoys wine and wants to learn more. Ratings, reviews and all kinds of details about things like the affect of regional soil quality, weather and rain on wine production.
-Rick Rockhill


Sunshine said...

I have gotten Taste of Home for years. I just starting getting Bon Appetit, which I love.
I used to get 3 scrapbooking magazines and I just didn't have time to read them that often so if I need inspiration I'll just go buy the latest copy.
Hubby gets Men's Health too, it's is really well done, I like some of the articles in there as well.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

none. here is why: i used to take so many magazines. they came all the time. they piled up. they mocked me. they made me feel inadequate and like a lazy slug. sarge would say are you going to read these things? i would feel guilty. i was overwhelmed completely by them. now i won't even open one in a doctor's office! ha ha (of course i never would do that because i would only read "virgin" magazines anyway). you see rick, i am quite mad! ha ha ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Mo said...

Out of your list, there are no duplicates to mine.
I read:
The Week
Entertainment Weekly
TV Guide (hey, it's a magazine!)
The Advocate
Garden Design
and Hobby Farm (yeah, I know, I no longer have a farm, but when I sent in my cancellation letter to the editor she was so touched she gave me a free year - even though the letter said I no longer had a farm... weird but kinda nice -- I still read it,then put it in a basket by the door of the shop for customers to pick up)

karma lennon said...

You read "smart" magazines. I just read things like Interview and W.....and Reader's Digest - I've been a fan of since I was like 8! I tend to have TONS of cooking magazines cause I love recipes, even though I don't cook that often.

Lewis said...

Sunset is my only magazine delivered at home.....and rarely buy any expensive ones off of the newsstand. Now, I must admit, i just looked throgh Clean Eating recently....fantastic things in there!

Scott said...

Family Handyman

Ha! threw ya with that last one, huh?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I use to read a few of the same magazines, Rick...Newsweek and Architectural Digest....And so very many other magazines, too....Vanity Fair, Bew York Magazine--just to name a few....But I don't read any of them anymore...My house became the depository of ALL OLD I found I wasn't really "Reading" them hardly at all any more...So, I now get very few magazines by mail....COTSWOLD LIFE....Beautiful Magazine, and THIS ENGLAND, another lovely Magazine that concentrates on England 'back in the day'.....I am ashamed to say I get PEOPLE but just look at the pictures....! THE HOLLYWOOD daily Show Business paper, and a few more other Mafazines that come with Membership....Like SAG and EMMY...other than that, That Is It Now!

David said...

Hm... The New Yorker is number one, followed by Gourmet, Palm Springs Life, Out, a few professional journals and local gay rags.

Olivia said...

In the past, I've always had subscriptions to Nat Geo, Smithsonian, Scientific American, Popular Science, The New Yorker, and Conde Nast. Lately (no subscriptions) I've been picking up Psychologies, Monocle, Intelligent Living, New York, and even Details (I know, a guy's mag, but really good). Oddly enough, no art history stuff in the mix......

Mags said...

Well, since it's summertime... :)

Food & Wine
Gourmet Magazine
Stuff @ Night
Improper Bostonian

and I would love Wine Spectator too..maybe I shall check into it. Also the one from Whole Foods-planning a trip there tomorrow.


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