Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Saturday Seven: Top Useless Gadgets

Having the flu this past week, I spent two full days at home resting. Our ever-loyal housekeeper, Mrs Danvers (pictured left) took excellent care of me, pushing tea and fresh fruit all week. In between mad fits of coughing, she and I had plenty of time to ponder this week's installment of The Saturday Seven: Top Useless Gadgets

(listed in no particular order)
#1 Salad Spinner: How hard is it to wash and shake lettuce? Besides doesn't everyone buy that pre-bagged, pre-washed stuff nowadays?

#2 Cherry Pitter: Why spend $4.99 on this? I have a better idea...pop the cherry in your mouth, spit out the pit.

#3 Electric Toothbrush: Was all the rage in the 70's..seemed to fade away but for some strange reason have come back again. How lazy can you be? It's for your teeth...put a little elbow grease into it and brush them clean!

#4 Presto Fry Daddy: Does anyone REALLY need this much fried ANYTHING?

#5 Inside the Shell Egg Scrambler: I prefer the old tap-the-egg-on-a-bowl and scramble with a fork method.

#6 Pop Up Hot Dog Cooker: What, is it too much trouble to boil a pot of water?

#7 Ronco Pocket Fisherman: I watched some crazy Hawaiian woman try to fish with this ridiculous contraption once in Maui. That sealed its doom for me.

-Rick Rockhill


DeAnna said...

The cherry pitter works on olives, too, which means you can pit olives and chop them up into things without having to put them in your mouth, which tends to disgust guests. Come to think of it, I don't think I'd want the kind of guests that weren't disgusted by my spitting olives into their food...

aka R'acquel said...

Yeah, i agree on the olive pipping front. I'd definitely pop cherries into my mouth tho! [teehee] :D

Disagree with the electric toothbrush. Mine has a 2-minute reminder to tell me that i've brushed my teeth for long-enough and it's way superior to doing it manual. Perhaps it's a device for lazy people, but i can't walk around the house & exercise with a manual toothbrush either. =D

No friers in my home and i don't think that pocket fisherman would've done me any good with all the stingrays & port stephen's sharks that i've caught in this lifetime.

I have never seen a salad spinner, egg scrambler nor a hot-dog cooker in my entire life. I guess the Aussies aren't so up with the times, so thanks for the laughs!

Kirstin said...

Hey blog. I own a hot dog toaster! The exact one in that picture. It makes the dog taste absolutely fabulous, freshly grilled on an open flame taste with the crackly outside layer and the juicy inside that pops in your mouth when you bite it. The buns get nicely toasted, the perfect crunch to enhance the weiner's flavour. Best of all, it has a removable tray to easily clean away the weenie grease! Don't try and toast a jumbo weiner though, they get stuck.

Rhodent said...

Pop up hot dog cooker? Good grief! I have managed to miss that one my entire life!

Rhodent said...

P.S. I much prefer your Saturday Seven to the Thursday Thirteen that has invaded blogdom.

lime said...

LOL, i am archive diving and even though this is an old post i MUST add....a s'more maker. my husband and i howled with laughter when we saw one for sale in a dept store. a month or two later we received one as a christmas gift. it was a challenge not to burst out laughing.


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