Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Come to PETCO for some Natural Pet Food

Lots of people are still worried about the wet pet food recall. The media has been exaggerating as usual, scaring people crazy. I can understand, dogs and cats are important members of the family. I just wish more people knew the facts: DRY DOG FOOD HAS NOT BEEN RECALLED. For people whose brand of dog or cat food is not available due to the recall, or if you just want to switch to something else, I recommend either Natural Balance, Natural Ultramix or Organix. These are three excellent brands that I feed to my dog and cat and are really excellent quality too. Natural Balance is Dick Van Patten's dog food company. Above left is Dick Van Patten with his son Jimmy Van Patten cooking up a batch of their human-quality Eatables canned dog food.

OK, so here is the shamless plug for the day: If you are a pet owner and are worried about the recall on WET dog and cat food, don't panic. Come to PETCO and check out all these great'll find some of the best foods available.
This site is about my personal opinions, experiences and stuff I am interested in. From time to time I express a personal opinion about natural, holistic and organic dog and cat food brands. As the author, I am writing this with no affiliation to my employer, although I am a dog food merchandise manager and have an excellent knowledge of pet foods. There are many kinds of natural, holistic, organic and super premium dog and cat foods available. When looking for a natural, holistic or organic pet food it is important to first consider the needs of your pet. What are you feeding now? Are there any issues that your pet is having? How is your pet's skin and coat? healthy? Shiny? Does you pet have any digestion issues? Always consult your vet if you notice any serious problems. In my personal opinion, if you want some of the best natural and holistic pet foods available, try brands such as Natural Balance, Natural Ultramix , Organix, Solid Gold and Pet Promise.
-Rick Rockhill


kitty gurl said...

I saw this food before at petco but never tried it. probably a better option than the crap I was buying before at HEB. My cat's food was one of the brands that got pulled off because of the bad canned food. my poor cat..hope she's ok still!

Anonymous said...

that dog is so cute! how did you get him to keep the glasses on???

The Calico Cat said...

This is one reason why my cats being on 2 different Rx cat foods in a good thing... (That might be the ONLY good thing...)

eileen sireene said...

interesting info...and appropriate right now with whats been in the news.

Michael said...

This pet food recall is so awful. It's making me have stress dreams about my dog again and she died 2 years ago!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw. I look forward to reading more from you!

Kate Anne said...

Thanks for the tip on better brands -- I have been experimenting and I actually prefer the dry food. Some my cats love. Others, seemingly healthy, my guys ignore. But I didn't know Dick Van Patten MADE health food.

I've google-marked your blog and shall be back for more organic hints and interesting reads. (That is assuming I survive my move. Never stay in the same place for 13 years!)

Peace hugs!


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