Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Saturday Seven: Best James Bond Villains

Over the past few weeks I've been all over the place with the blog. I decided to go back to one of my favorite subjects. So, this week's edition of The Saturday Seven: Best James Bond Villains
If you are a 007 fan, then you will definitely have a strong opinion. I have been a huge Bond fan for as long as I can remember. The bad guys always stick out in my mind because they can be so deliciously wicked and evil. So without further delay, here are my favorite villains that James Bond has battled over the years.

#1 Ernst Stavro Blofeld: You Only Live Twice. That scar, that cat...the sinister volcano cave...he was very convincing yet a tinge of camp. Loved the pirhana fish he used to kill people.

#2 Ernst Stavro Blofeld: Diamonds Are Forever. Over the top and camp as can be, this guy made an impact on me at an early age and I always liked him for some reason. Maybe it was the fact that he had several body doubles...or that cigarette holder...or was it when he disguised himself in drag and walked out of the casino unnoticed...
#3 Auric Goldfinger: Goldfinger. The quintessential Bond Villain. Bad to the bone, with a criminal mind and a huge imagination. He killed a girl by covering her in gold paint, had "Oddjob", a great henchman, and a power "laser" that nearly emasculated our hero. Classic for sure.

#4 Dr Julius No: Dr No. Although a bit rough around the edges, Dr No was a good flick. This guy was down-right creepy with his black rubber gloved-hands. He messed up his hands while experimenting with radiation. Wierd. Crazy get-up when he wore that plastic hood in the final scene.

#5 LeChiffre: Casino Royale. This guy was a sophisticated bad-ass. Loved that wierd eye condition he had when his eye would drip with blood. He was intense. Loved the line he used on Bond when he was torturing him: "Wow, you've taken good care of your body...such a waste".
#6 Francisco Scaramanga: The Man With The Golden Gun. A dark high priced assassin, the best in the good that he used bullets made of gold and charged a million dollars per hit. This dude has fun. A private island, a midget butler/henchman, a car that flies (ok very bad tech), a friggin solar power laser, and a bizarre fun-house set in his house. He was intense in a 1970's sort of way.

#7 Mr Big: Live and Let Die. He was street tough, but this dude was smart. Evil genius drug lord who ruled over pimps, gangs and poppy fields in the Caribbean. Great scene when he pulled off the rubber mask having been his alter ego "Dr Kananga". This guy was so slick, he had his own psychic Tarot card reader on hand at all times.
And IF there were any question about who is the best Bond on the eyes...let me provide "exhibit A" below for your consideration. Once again, this is provided STRICTLY as a FREE PUBLIC SERVICE.
-Rick Rockhill


chuck said...

what about the old guy in the spy who loved me? Stromburg or something? I thought the underwater hideway in the middle of the ocean was way cool

Naomi said...

Great post Rick. I'm a Bond fan too.

moderato_josef said...

Oh! I like james Bond films a lot! Nice films of action! god luk!

moderato_josef said...

Oh! I like james Bond films a lot! Nice films of action! god luk!

Krish said...

I have to admit, you picked a good seven. My fav would be Dr. Julius No. The guy who treats you well, before killing you.
P.S. Thanks for visiting my site.


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