Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Saturday Seven: Best Stevie Nicks Songs

The Enchanting Stevie Nicks....a true legend in rock and roll. She's had an amazing career with Fleetwood Mac, and an impressive solo career as well. I've seen her live over a dozen times and she never disappoints. Her unique style and staying power makes her the subject of The Saturday Seven this week. For those of you who are also Stevie fans, her "Crystal Visions" CD was released on March 27th, and has a tour starting May 17th. So without further delay, I present:
The Saturday Seven: Best Stevie Nicks Songs
1. Edge of Seventeen ("Bella Donna", 1981). This song is transcendental...

2. Stand Back ("The Wild Heart", 1983) She really rocks out on on this

3. Rhiannon ("Fleetwood Mac", 1975) It's so mystical, and draws you in.

4. Dreams ("Rumours", 1977) Druggie era revisited, and a classic

5. Rooms on Fire ("The Other Side of The Mirror", 1989)
Pop modern, but fun

6. Landslide ("Fleetwood Mac", 1975) Her live renditions are life changing

7. Planets of the Universe (Trouble in Shangri-La, 2001) Still relevent to all...

Bonus song: Silver Springs, live ("The Dance" 1997) A connection to the past
What are your favorite Stevie songs??? Go ahead, leave a comment, its FREE!
-Rick Rockhill


Sharon C said...

"now there you go again, you say, you want your free-dom" DREAMS is one of my favs for sure. GREAT POST

ratfink777 said...

rock a little, dude

The Bug Keeper said...

Loveeee Stevie Nicks.
Out of your ten, my favs are Rhiannon, Dreams, Landslide.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I have seen Stevie a few times and with the whole band as well. Its funny you posted her. I was watching the Largo capital centre show from 76.Early Stevie and Lindsey at their best..I also have been at recording sessions at Sound of Music the board they use is the one Rumours was recorded on. Its used to have the tape on the bottom. you have a great blog ..

mustang sally said...

what about "Sorcerer"...and "Leather and Lace" ??

nuella said...

just picked up a copy of her new CD...great compilation

Jules said...

Ooooh, I use to be a Stevie fanatic! Not so much anymore, but I still will listen to one of her CD's from time-to-time.

My favorites would be Landslide, Crystal (Practical Magic soundtrack), Whenever I Call You Friend (duet with Kenny Loggins), and Bella Donna.

Drew said...

Rhiannon is by far my favorite. But Stop Draggin' My Heart Around and Gold Dust Woman are two that I'd add to your list. Great post by the way!

curmudgeon said...

Oh yes. Rhiannon, Leather and Lace, Stop Draggin' My Heart around, Gold Dust Woman, Dreams, ... They're pretty much all good.

And let me add, Lindsey Buckingham is one of the most underrated guitar players of all time. Such clarity.
Most people are paying attention to Stevie or Christine McVie's vocals to really hear his playing.

My $0.02. ;)

lime said...

landslide and gypsy are so deeply personal to me and forever linked with someone i miss so much.

J Dangermond said...

While I adore Rhiannon, Sara, Gypsy and Stand Back, "Doing the Best that I Can" is one of my absolute favorites. Both versions of Silver Spring are also incredible, but I do prefer The Dance version.


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