Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Saturday Seven: Reasons I'm Glad to be Home

After two weeks of travel, I can honestly say I am glad to be home. The majority of this trip was for work, so it wasn't a vacation, but I was fortunate to be traveling with people I enjoy spending time with, so I had a good time. I usually make the most of my travels, and try to get out and see as much as I can. But despite my love of travel and exploring other places, I am always so glad to come back. The airport security, multiple long flights home, then dealing with passport control and US customs are all designed to further exhaust the weary traveler. At long last I've returned, exhausted yet happy to be back "home sweet home". This brings me to another scintillating edition of:
The Saturday Seven: Reasons I'm Glad to be Home
#1 Back with my other half again (it's tough to be apart for so long)
#2 Hugging the dog and cat
#3 Sleeping in my own comfy bed
#4 Able to eat a bowl of cereal on the sofa watching TV
#5 Warm, sunny weather again!
#6 I can buy things that don't cost twice as much as they should
#7 I can finally stop writing so many postcards!
-Rick Rockhill


Kerry and Rachel said...

Welcome home!
It's good to get away, and then it's good to get home again.
Enjoy your weekend.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

seven lovely reasons rick, and i always feel the same way!

smiles, bee

Lewis said...

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS good to be home. In fact, I'm liking home more and more as I (gently and graciously) age. Did you do the nonstop from London-Los Angeles?? British, Virgin?

lime said...

welcome home. all good reasons to enjoy being home. we're glad to have you back. :)

Desert Songbird said...

Welcome home! You know, as much as I love Coronado, and as much as I dread the hot weather awaiting me at home, I ready to get back home.

I'm sorry it didn't work out, our getting to meet, but you really sounded as if you needed to get home more than we needed to meet, and we're fixing to leave for Cabrillo NM. Maybe next time!

Lilian said...

H O M E!!!!!!


Real Live Lesbian said...

There's no place like home! No matter how fantastic the vacation is...I always love coming home best!

Glad you had a great time!

Odat said...

Welcome home...I'm playing catch up here...and I'm thinking that you look like you belong in England! I mean that in a good, regal way, that is!
(I didn't get a postcard! ;-(


Diane J Standiford said...

Wow, didn't realize you left your better half at home. That IS a long time. Well, just a click of the heels...

LSL said...

Hey, thanks for the nice comment. I thought I'd visit you as well. I just returned from my trip where I met Matterdays, and I love this list! #4 is my favorite. :)


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