Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Art Review: Mexican Artists

Since I am off on my cruise, I decided on a Mexican theme for this week's Sunday Art Review. I found a few artists from Mexico whose paintings that caught my eye for various reasons. So these are my selections to feature on the Sunday Art Review. I hope you enjoy viewing this collection as much as I enjoyed researching these works of art. This first featured painting is called "Mother Earth", by Ernesto Hernandez Olmos. Although it's not a typical style that appeals to me, I quite like the sense of warmth and kindness that this work exudes.

above: "Rosa", by Jose Baray

above: "Cally Lilly" by Jose Baray

above: "Searching for Roses in the Desert" by Jose Baray

above: "My Grandfather" by Jose Baray

above: "El Agave" by Jesus Ibarra
Thanks for stopping by for another installment of the Sunday Art Review. Did you have any favorites from today's collection? Do any "speak" to you? Go ahead, leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you.

-Rick Rockhill


jackie said...

I like Rosa, it is simple yet charming.

kenju said...

I like the calla lily and searching for roses in the desert, and Rosa. Tell us about your cruise.

whimsical brainpan said...

"Mother Earth" is definitely my favorite.

Jeni said...

The two I liked the best were "El Agave" and "Rosa" -I can't explain why but they were the ones I liked the best of all you posted here.

And - also -just wanted to tell you too that I TAGGED you tonight for the Six THings Meme! You can stop by my place and pick up the RULES for it. I'm sure you'll be able to post some really neat things about yourself with all the places you go, interesting folks you meet too all the time and the fantastic foods you show us in your posts as well!

lime said...

i think i like mother earth best. the vibrant colors and the subject just grab me.

Marion said...

I like my Grandfather. It's very powerful.


bon voyage!!!


WAT said...

I actually like all of 'em believe it or not.

Olivia said...

While I think I would appreciate the overall effect in an authentic setting, none of them speak to me individually. I do kind of like the pattern on lizard lady's dress...


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