Monday, May 5, 2008

Cruise to Mexico: Wish You Were Here

As it turns out the Internet cafe on board the ship was closed yesterday, so I'm just now catching up to do another post or two. Whenever I write postcards back home, I usually squeeze in the obligatory line: “Having a wonderful time” or something to that effect. The same applies to this cruise so far. Having been on this particular ship several times, it feels like home in some ways. by now, we’re familiar with the layout and where everything is, so that makes it much easier to do things and enjoy the ship. I love cruising-I could easily take one of those 180 day cruises. Well I can dream anyway. OK, so here are a few photos to pick up where I left off on Saturday:
above left: The sail away party on board...the champagne was on ice and ready to celebrate. above right: Weird, but fun- this "welcome aboard" sign was actually made out of jello and whipped cream! The one above it was baked out of bread. Looks like the bakers had a little time on their hands!

above left: I took these photos before we sailed out of San Diego. They are of some other boats along the docks. above right: tough to see, but there was an air show going on with a number of planes doing flying tricks and twirling in circles, it was pretty nifty to watch.
above: Later in the trip, Whale Watching has always been a favorite trip to take ever since I was a kid! Later today I'll do another post from the cruise. Thanks for stopping by!
-Rick Rockhill


Biddie said...

I am soo far behind! You are on a cruise? How wonderful!
I have often thought about taking a cruise (well, in my dreams) but then I remember that I am deathly afraid of deep water...
It looks like so much fun, though.
I lived in Nova Scotia, and I have never been whale watching. Maybe it just for the tourists. If that is the case, then since I don't live there anymore, I guess I qualify!
Have fun :)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh rick i'm with you on that 180 day cruise! i could live on a ship. love love love them!!!

smiles, bee

ps: wish i was there! ha ha ha

whimsical brainpan said...

That sign was made with jello and whipped cream!? Amazing!


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