Friday, May 23, 2008

Rick's Roadshow: Nuremberg, Germany "Interzoo"

I arrived in Nuremberg last night and was happy to check into a hotel where I would be staying for several consecutive nights. During the past few days I've been through various cities in the UK and Germany staying just one night in each, so I have not unpacked anywhere much at all. So after unpacked, I had a relaxing dinner in Nuremberg then watched the Champions League Football (soccer) match, with Manchester United vs. Chelsea. I had to prepared myself for the next three days: the primary reason that brought me to Europe in the first place, the Interzoo pet supply trade show. Interzoo is the largest pet product trade show in the world, with 1,500 vendors from 50 countries set in 90,000 square feet of space, so this show is a daunting task for sure.

above: "Willkommen to Interzoo" & me standing next to some giant black dog...I think that's what it was anyway.

above: it may be hard to see from this photo, but this is a display of dog biscuits, all hand dipped and decorated to look like human cookies, donuts, cakes or candy bars. I nearly picked one up and ate it, thinking they were for people. I'm at the Interzoo show again tomorrow but I promise to have more interesting photos for you of the city. Hope to see you back tomorrow!

-Rick Rockhill


Lilian said...

I have the feeling that you're one of the most organized people in the world... I say this because even though your schedule seems to be crazy [I have been at trade shows and I only -literally- had time to sleep for a few hours!] you keep blogging away. Thanks for taking your readers on this trip ... I thought the mistaken cookie incident that almost happened was hillarious :) Cheers--

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

nuremburg wss really fun, well except when i was robbed that is. but otherwise it was fun. be careful rick!

smiles, bee

Real Live Lesbian said...

Color me every shade of green! What fun! I used to own a dog store/massage spa/day care here in Nashville with my ex. The most fun was the trade shows!

I want everything that's in that bag in your left hand!!!!

And those treats are usually pretty good! Better us than the dogs eating that crap!

WAT said...

I have German blood in my background! Would be nice to see where my great grandpappy was from! I love their language a lot too.

Desert Songbird said...

Glad you are staying put for a bit. Maybe you'll be able to catch your breath!

Rhodester said...

I saw that photo of you and the giant black dog on with a scandalous caption.. you best fire your PR agent, Rick!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Rhodester- hahaha, if I made it on I'd have a post about it here!!!

Olivia said...

Those are some beautiful treats and the doggies who get those must be really special!

whimsical brainpan said...

They are all great pics but the dog biscuts are amazing! I thought "boy does that look like a great spread" and then I read below. LOL!

Naomi said...

That show looks like great fun Rick. The green man made me laugh, he reminds me of a genie who escaped from his bottle. Hope he granted you three wishes! Ha ha!


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