Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Palm Springs Tennis Club Resort

One of my favorite spots in town is the Palm Springs Tennis Club, situated downtown, in the foothills of the San Jacinto mountain. It is a beautiful resort with lush gardens, a lavish pool area and wonderful tennis courts. It is also the home of Spencer's Restaurant at the Mountain, a popular dining establishment with the locals. The tennis club and restaurant attracts it share of rich and famous celebrities, such as Brad Pitt, Queen Latifah, Halle Berry, George Clooney and Andre Agassi. Back in January I hosted the private lunch reception for Dick Van Patten when he received his star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars. That same day Carol Channing was on site for a fundraiser dinner where she was the guest of honor. Part of it's popularity may be that it is private and secluded away from photographers or the general public.
above: these are some of the nicest tennis courts in the desert

above: the private cabanas on the grounds are perfect to relax and escape the desert sun.
above: the pool and spa is nestled at the side of the mountain, providing a natural setting for guests.

above: lush gardens and greenery provide an elegant atmosphere along the pathways.
above: Spencer's restaurant has delicious food and fabulous desserts as well. This was a combination of miniature desserts that made me drool.
-Rick Rockhill


tt said...

I have a long time friend who frequents Palm Springs...he's in the diamond business. I'm wondering if you may know him...
I just saw him on Mothers Day..after not seeing him for 35 years or so!!! Great guy!!!...so I hope you DO know him!
btw...that food looks delish!

Mags said...

Yet again-these pictures blow me away and make me wonder...why do I live on the east coast? :)

JK. I love it here.


that's it, you and I are doing a blogswap..
you take over my life, and I yours for a few days, and then we'll post about it... :)


Diane J Standiford said...

I bet the Van Pattens love it there. I love yummy small desserts.

Anne said...


Tracy@GeneralSplendour said...

I love the vintage sign you posted! I may have to stencil that on my wall somewhere. It looks like an awesome place - I would love to play there someday! Enjoy!


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