Monday, May 19, 2008

Rick's Roadshow: London

Welcome to another new installment of Rick's Roadshow, where I'm in London for a few days. I arrived on Saturday and spent most of the morning getting sorted out and settled in. Much of Saturday was walking about and seeing what's new in London. Yesterday I started the day at church with cousin Sean, and had a marvelous time chatting with the vicar and congregation, whom I've not seen for over a year. Although it has been over 20 years since I lived here, London still feels like home. I've been back many times to visit, primarily to visit friends. It's a magnificent city with so much to offer. Later in the day I went to a champagne bar near Covent Garden area. Here I am relaxing on a nice comfy leather sofa. It was quite a civilized way to spend an afternoon in London.

above: inside the champagne bar- it was well stocked, very clean and no crowds!
Covent Garden
This is a popular area with shops, restaurants and all sorts of attractions.
The Street Performers of Covent Garden
above left: a man juggling, above right: a "dog" in a kennel was actually a man crouched under this table. The "dog" would do tricks if you dropped some money in the water bowl. Quite clever actually.
above: Motionless people who stand so still people often think they are statues. Again, if you donate money they will move in some mechanical fashion. Fascinating to watch.
above: this man was playing these pipes which made some incredible sounding "Chinese music"
above left: one of the many pubs in London & above right: a busy street corner near Covent Garden.
Tomorrow, it's more sights on London, so please come back for Rick's Roadshow.
-Rick Rockhill


Olivia said...

Unsurprisingly, before I make my escape, I must say that London is so much better to visit than to live in :)

I've never seen the "dog" performer at Covent Garden. (A head on a table always creeps me out.) The council is considering banning them one day. I don't think they should.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sounds like so far all is wonderful!

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

If you are close to Chiswick W4 in London. Go to 51 Grove Park Gardens,
take a picture of that address, this is the house I was born in. My mother had me delivered by a midwife there.

Anonymous said...

If you are close to Chiswick W4 in London. Go to 51 Grove Park Gardens,
take a picture of that address, this is the house I was born in. My mother had me delivered by a midwife there.

Mona said...

I saw a road show near the museum in Atlanta! It was awesome!

In India we have plenty of road show performers. Indian Road shows are called "Nukkad Naatak". They are usually about social problems & evils & questions! some are really winners!

kenju said...

I'd love to be there!

Lewis said...

Covent Garden....reminds me that there is a museum there that features the Tube or transportation or trains or something like that. And the Opera Hall is nearby. And it's the opening to My Fair Lady!


okay first of all, I don't think I've ever seen you in jeans since becoming one of your adoring readers. :) lol..and I do have to say you look just as dashing as you do when you're dressed to the nines.

Glad you're enjoying yourself, it sounds absolutely refreshing!!

and that dog in the kennel is such a great idea, I may have to implement that for a stationary costume for halloween next year.
What types of tricks did he do? just facial? were the paws just slippers, or did he use his hands?

Safe travels!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a joy to re-visit London through YOUR Eyes, my dear Rick. I never got that close to Covent Garden either time I was there...So this is a real treat!

jackie said...

London is one of the best cities i have ever visited. It has so much going on there.


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