Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Saturday Seven: Reasons Why Dogs Make Life Better

For those of you who read this blog regularly know that I am an animal lover. I love my dog and cat and consider them to be my own "kids". I cringe whenever I hear someone say "It's just a dog". It actually makes my skin scrawl when I hear it. Being a pet parent has may tangible benefits that people fail to consider. Having a dog in one's life can help a person attain a healthier life, both physically and mentally. I started thinking how much better the world is because of dogs, which led me to another scintillating edition of:
The Saturday Seven: Reasons Why Dogs Make Life Better
#1 Dogs Create a sense of family. Dogs help foster a sense of love, closeness and well-being for the entire family. In fact, children who grow up with a dog at home often have greater self-confidence and self-esteem.
#2 Dogs help avoid loneliness & depression Owning a dog gives isolated people a routine, a sense of purpose, and a sense of fulfillment that helps prevent depression and loneliness.
#3 Dogs help reduce blood pressure. Petting your dog has been proven to help lower your blood pressure and reduce your heart rate.

#4 Dogs help Reduce Stress. Having a dog as a companion can help you deal with stress and relax more easily. It's a medical fact!

#5 Dogs can help us Lose Weight. Studies show that people who walk with their dog loose more weight than people who walk alone or even with another person. Powerful, huh?
#6 Dogs help us cope with loss or tragedy. Dogs help us deal with and adjust to serious illness, sadness or even death
#7 Dogs provide public safety. Dogs are good at search & rescue of missing persons, working on crisis response teams and can comfort people who have suffered a traumatic loss. Police dogs help find bombs, sniff out drugs, and protect the public.

Bonus entry. Some dogs can detect cancer in people and can also detect when a person with frequent seizures is about to have one.
So go out and adopt a dog from a shelter and improve your life. It will make all the difference.
-Rick Rockhill



and they can't talk back!! :)
So true...and the pictures..I want a doggie..a ripe 3+year old doggie like a setter rescued from a shelter. :)

Scott said...

Great post, Rick! Now, who could ever say they don't like dogs??

marlupe said...

I just adopted a dog last week and am so happy that I did! your post on the guide dogs sealed it for me rick!

lecram said...

I am totally a dog person... I have 4. Thanks for coming by. Cheers!

Diesel said...

hey awesome blog, new visitor here. Great post today. stop by and say hi sometime.

EBEZP said...

Mans best friend....too right.
Great post Rick

Zoely said...

i am a dog girl all the shows in the men I select, too.
Nah! Kidding!
Uh, no I'm not.
But I *do* love dogs, esp my dog. Dogs rock.

Claire said...

Just stopped in via Val's. Most of the vixens are dog lovers. Many of us post pics about our dogs from time to time. Lovely post.

snowelf said...

I am such a cat person, but luckily cats are good for us too. :)

LOVED the wine posts! So informative!
Thanks PSS!!


S said...

I'll tell ya what, your blog is jam packed with useful info, the kind where ya wanna keep your blog on the desktop so you can refer back to the bits of handiness!


I love dogs....mine died last December, she had a good life...12 I just do cats....

Canadian flake said...

Awesome list and I completely agree. I grew up with a dog and when it was his time to go, he was mourned as a part of our family. I still miss him today almost 20 yrs later. I love my cat and can't imagine my life without her.

Lilian said...

My Pomeranian Pompom asked me to tell you that he is very appreciative you understand his brotherhood so well! :oD

WAT said...

Is that you splayed out in pic #6 with the cute pooches?


m said...

my new dog keeps me up with his barking. he sooo needy.

still, he enriches my life and the cats like him.

The Thinking Man's Babe said...


Thank you for your wonderful post about dogs!!! Ohmigoodness, they are nothing but angels in fur. I love your photos, too. Dogs are such an incredible blessing. My Loverboy, a boston terrier-bulldog-pug mix - is a local celebrity here in Minneapolis, I'm shy but he's loving and outgoing so I've gotten to know all kinds of people. I feel so beyond blessed to have him.


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