Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dr Wang's Dating Game

Please join me in playing my version of "The Love Connection" game. Our bachelor is none other than Dr Sidney Wang. Regular readers of this blog have come to know and love Dr Wang, the psychic betta fish, our resident oracle who writes a weekly column on this blog, dispensing advice, wisdom and a dash of fortune-telling along the way.

I convinced Dr Wang to have a little fun this week and play our version of The Dating Game. I rounded up six bachelorettes for Dr Wang to meet. I'd like your votes on which one Dr Wang should pick. Now, let's meet the contestants!

Bachelorette #1: TABATHA

Tabatha is a student at King Neptune University (KNU), majoring in Algae and Water Quality. She enjoys free-form swimming, and in her spare time counts bubbles as a hobby. Her one wish in life if to find a cure for the fish disease "ick".

Bachelorette #2: BERTHA
Bertha is a recent graduate of Babbling Brook Community College (BBCC), where she majored in literature, particularly fish stories. She volunteers two days a week at the Fresh Water Institute and is a foster mom to lost baby bettas.

Bachelorette #3: CHARLOTTE
Charlotte is currently attending Cold Stream College (CSC), where her major is education. She hopes to be a teacher one day, but at the moment she is a tutor to schools of fish of every variety of fresh water fish available. She is an activist for female betta rights, and enjoys meeting new fish whenever possible.
Bachelorette #4: GOLDIE
Goldie is a not just a pretty face. She does model professionally, but she is also an interpreter working for the Underwater Aquatics Association (UAA). Goldie enjoys traveling, long swims and nibbling on plants in the morning light.
Bachelorette #5: PETUNIA
Petunia is actually her middle name, which she prefers over "Mabel". Petunia is an aspiring actress, with hopes to star in a major motion picture someday. She was an understudy for Finding Nemo but had to drop out when the shoot required too much salt-water exposure. "I thought they would have allowed me to work in a freshwater tank, and adding my footage to the main film piece later in post production", Petunia said. Currently, Petunia is reading for an upcoming role in a documentary starring Bindi Irwin.

Bachelorette #6: ROSE

Our final contestant is Rose. Rose is a student at the Underwater University of Siam (UUS), where her major is marine biology. Rose is very involved in search for missing betta fish. Thousands of betta fish disappear each year, without a trace. Rose has set up an underwater network alert system to report fishnapping. Rose enjoys lazy swimming, "formation tail-wiggling" and her favorite foods are insects and mosquito larvae.

A final word about our bachelor. Each week Dr Wang receives e-mails from readers literally around the world, seeking advice from Dr Wang. Due to limitations of time and energy, Dr Wang only responds to one letter per week. You can submit letters or questions to be answered publicly on this blog by writing to:

-Rick Rockhill



So cute! Petunia seems so innocent.
Can I borrow Dr Wang to gill a rather disgruntled comment posting person? :)
People can be so cruel. :(

Brian in Mpls said...

This is the greatest post ever!!

Sheila said...

Cute. Dr. Wang would be crazy not to pick Bertha. She's beautiful.

Spongebob Squarepants said...

Charlotte went to Cold Stream College? Wow so did I!

Ben Wu said...

We must stop "ick"! Go Tabitha.

marlupe said...

I think Rose seems awfully sweet...and so committed as well!

Mags said...

Yay! Bertha is winning. Go Bertha you sexy thing you!!!

Mags said...

(Their babies would be purple!!!)

purrchance to dream said...

We voted for Bertha, because she's pretty and iridescent.
The little Ber-Wang babies would be all shiny & rainbowy.

purrs from fishy watchers
Daphne & Chloe


yeah it's Vera Wang but here Bera-Wang. :)

kenju said...

Petunia got my vote! You are a very funny man.

MONA said...

Yaaayy! Bertha is winning!!!

Naomi said...

This was so funny Rick! My vote goes to Petunia. What a lovely name and a pretty fish too!


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