Thursday, October 4, 2007

Lake Tahoe, Part 3: A Closer Look at Lake Tahoe

Today is the third and final segment in my mini series on Lake Tahoe. I thought I'd finish the series by sharing a few facts about Lake Tahoe itself, from our friends at Wikipedia. The lake is the second deepest in the United States, with a maximum depth of 1,645 ft. It has 72 miles of shoreline and is located along the border between California and Nevada, nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The lake has incredibly clear water, which is something you would expect to see in the Carribbean Ocean. There are a number of hotels, ski resorts and golf courses around the lake itself. On the Nevada portion, there are casinos in most hotels, so there is plenty to do in the evenings after a busy day enjoying the great outdoors.

Above: Views of Lake Tahoe from 10,000 feet above sea level.

There is plenty of activity on the surface of the lake. Above left: a group of water skis await excited tourists & above right: a catamaran docks alongside the pier awaiting passengers to tour the lake.

Above left: I went for a nie walk along Pier 111, which offered a good view of the lake close up & above right: view from onboard the Catamaran, looking back at the shore.

Above: This is the actual water of the lake. It looks more like a swimming pool.

Above: beautiful treels line Lake Tahoe, providing home for thousands of birds and wildlife throughout the Tahoe area.

I truly enjoyed my visit to Lake Tahoe. I think I'll have to return this winter for ski season! Thanks for following along this week, I hope you enjoyed the photos.
-Rick Rockhill


Desert Songbird said...

Hubby and I love Lake Tahoe. We were vacationing there when we found out I was pregnant with our daughter. So, obviously, we have fond memories.

Sorry I've been absent; I loved all the photos. I haven't commented because of some personal "stuff."

Have a great rest of the trip. So sorry about you Padres!

lime said...

looks absolutely stunning there.

Cheryl said...

The pictures were great. I knew nothing about Lake Tahoe except that people said it was beautiful. I'd love to go there. I had no idea how big it was or how clear the water. I have heard there's lots of complaints over the noise of the jet skis.

TWISI said...

great photos as usual...thanks for sharing.

Kerry and Rachel said...

Fabulous photos! The best of both worlds, mountains and clear, beautiful water.

Steven said...

So we'll have to wait until next summer to see you water-skiing in Lake Tahoe? ;-)

qofd said...

Hey! Look! My neck of the woods, so to speak.

The photos are terrific as always and you should definitely come up for ski season. Tahoe's gorgeous after a heavy snow.

Lilian said...

The pictures are fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing ;o)

On a different subject, I am running behind reading your blog, and I just found the interview for the paper in Palm Springs. Congratulations!

Canadian flake said...

Amazing pics, as always....I had heard of this lake of course but didn't know how breath-taking it is....

thanks again for sharing..

marlupe said...

oh what a wonderful set of photos, rick. I really enjoy these mini series that you offer. Thanks for taking the time to put them together.


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