Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Saturday Seven: Favorite Cartoon Animal Characters

Since I am in the middle of attending a pet industry trade show, I thought it would be fun to tie-in animals into this week's Saturday Seven post. I started thinking about the animal characters that have been part of cartoon pop culture for many generations. I never really watched a lot of TV as a kid, but I did have my favorites along the way. Cartoons are how many kids get to "know" various animals at an early age. I remember being a little kid thinking mice wore shoes and could talk! This brings me to another scintillating edition of
The Saturday Seven: Favorite Cartoon Animal Characters

#1 Snoopy and Woodstock: They had the best friendship and always made me smile. I would run to the newspaper everyday to see what they were up to.
#2 Bugs Bunny: I can still watch Bugs and his antics for hours and never be bored. He really maks me laugh.

#3 Scooby Doo: I loved his goofy nature and how he was still always a hero.
#4 Garfield: I loved his dry sense of humor and attitude.
#5 Marmaduke: Having grown up with a big dog in the house, Marmaduke represented all the crazy things I observed out family dog do when I was a kid.

#6 Sylvester and Tweety: Poor Sylvester, he could never catch a break, Tweety was just too clever for him.
#7 Tom and Jerry: Even though it felt dated to me as a kid I really liked Tom and Jerry. They had such a zest for life and kept things interesting for me.
So who were YOUR favorite ANIMAL cartoon characters? Go ahead, leave a comment!


lime said...

let me add dino the dinosaur from the flintstones and astro from the jetsons.

i'm also partial to gary the snail from spongebob.

Sunshine said...

I'll go with Tweety, for sure!

LouLou! said...

Sniffles the Mouse wins hands down for me.

Odat said...

Me too, me too.... I love them all!


I was always a big fan of UNDERDOG!

and Tom and Jerry.


Tea N. Crumpet said...

GREAT DANES ARE THE COOLEST DOGS EVARRRR! I was in a modeling class as a teenager and my teacher, who raised Afghans (the dogs, not the blankets!) rolled her eyes as I tried to saunter down the catwalk, "Tea, you have the presence of a Great Dane." A few years later I would be walking in my city amongst a group of women who all looked like Afghans-- long straight hair, pointed noses, etc. (there was a convention of young business woman and I think they were part of it) and I saw our reflection in a mirrored office building. I do resemble a Great Dane.

Scooby Doo and Marmaduke are the essence of coolness.

snowelf said...

First Garfield.
Then Hobbes.



(No worries, Rick! We've both been really busy!)

Desert Songbird said...

I gotta admit, to this day, I still love Snoopy and Scooby.

dilling said...

snoopy is the first beagle I ever fell in love with...and now I have had several beagles grace my life.
thank you, Charles Shultz.

Diane J Standiford said...

Snoopy collectibles, Snoopy. As a child I had snoopy curtains, bedspread, sheets, towels, music box, and all the books, cups/bowls...Ebay here I come.

Canadian flake said...

I love your list...except for Garfield because he drives me nutso..lmao.

We have a channel now that shows all the old cartoons...I get a kick out of seeing old reruns of Bugs bunny and fat albert..lmao.


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