Monday, February 11, 2008

Ricks Roadshow in New York: The Dog Show Begins

Day Four of Rick's Roadshow in New York is the start of the 132nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, the reason I have come to New York. Over the past three days I have spent time meeting the top handlers, trainers, breeders and show dog owners at various functions. Dog breeding and showing is considered a sport and is taken very seriously by this Kennel Club; although it is a group that loves dogs and has fun every step of the way. It is also a big business. Collectively, millions of dollars are spent around breeding and training pure bred show dogs. Breeding for the best traits of the breed: stature, temperment, form and of course, the coat, and ever important haircut. I love dogs (and all animals really), and this is a lot of fun to watch unfold. It's all about the dogs, of course...and the people with a passion for the dog's lineage. I'm fortunate to be attending the show as a guest of the show sponsor, Pedigree brand dog food, who will be showing some great TV commercials on the broadcast of the Dog Show. I'll be at Madison Square Garden over the next two days, mixing and mingling with the handlers and judges. Maybe you'll see me on TV as I'll be ringside on the court!

above: Me hamming it up holding up my end of a huge dog biscuit at a dog adoption benefit on Sunday night.
-Rick Rockhill


Sheila said...

You have the best job, Rick. I am envious. I can't read about the show without thinking of Best in Show.

The university my husband works for, Drury, is having Bob Barker on campus today to announce a $1 million gift for a program in animal rights. So, animals are very much on my mind today.

Have fun!

Cheryl said...

I'll be looking for you and your trademark smile.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i will watch for you rick!

smiles, bee

Seamus said...

Say "Hi" and give all the Bernese Mt. Dogs a pet for me!!!

TWISI said...

i have alwways wanted to go to the westminster. have fun!

zen wizard said...

"Dog Show Commentator" and "Pimp" are the only two careers where you can use the word, "b!tch" three times in a sentence and still keep your job.

WAT said...

My oh my, this exciting life of yours needs to come out of this blog and become a TV SHOW!


Seraphine said...

Lol, the end of the 'dog biscuit' you are holding has a belly button.

karma lennon said...

You're in NYC???? Jealous!!!! Hope you're having a blast!


I've been out of town in Arizona, and then sick while out in arizona..but slowly coming around, sorry I've been away!

By the way, that is the biggest biscuit ever!!!! Did it smell like a real one? :) hahah


Olivia said...

Always thought it odd that the name of the Stateside dog show is more British than the British one. I mean, "Crufts"? What's that about? Makes me think of a squat white labourer's cottage in the Scottish wilds! (Croft)

Olivia said...

Oh, forgot to mention, our dog Brandy, an English Springer spaniel, was descended of a long line of Crufts champions - we had photos of his father and grandfather in a book. He even had a champ name but we forgot it years ago.

Had to give him away to a sheep farmer in Buckinghamshire when we moved to Texas...he had unusually long legs, so he would have loved jumping in and out of the Land Rover and chewing up all those fields.

Mags said...

Well, knick, knack, patty whack!

If you look at that bone sideways (tilt your head to the right) it looks like a girl in a bikini sitting on her knees in the sand...with a very long torso. LOL.

Man, I think it's time to go to sleep!!!!!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Sounds like fun!

Biddie said...

I was just watching that on tv tonight!
The formalities bore me, I just like the dogs. They are all so beautiful. I would be an easy judge. I want them all to win.
Your job does rock!


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