Friday, February 15, 2008

The Global Pet Expo: No Rest for the Weary

"No rest for the weary." That's the expression that comes to mind to explain this week. Yesterday was the first of a three-day pet industry trade show I am attending for work. The Global Pet Expo is the largest pet industry trade show in North America. It is held annually for manufacturers, distrubutors and retailers but is not open to the public. This year it is being held in San Diego, which is great because I didn't have to travel (last year was Orlando as some of you may recall). I've been working in the pet industry now for over 11 years, so I've been to many such trade shows and know just about everyone. So while I am attending for work, it is nice to see catch up with vendors and other business associates that I've known for many years. The pet industry is a fun business, and our trade shows always have some interesting sights. I thought these two dogs were a lot of fun. They were being "groomed" in a vendor's booth to demonstrate some fancy new brush that is supposedly the best thing since sliced bread. I thought I'd take a quick photo but they weren't looking at me, so I made a little "kiss-kiss" sound with my lips. They both turned their heads, looked in my direction and jumped off the table and ran over to me! All the lose fur was flying around from their quick action. When I finished petting them both I realized I was covered in dog fur. Lucky for me, the next booth over was one of those "lint roller" vendors, which the vendor was all too happy to demonstrate on my jacket. Anything for a sale I guess.
Well Howdy, Partner!

above: I ran into this cowboy at one of the booths. He was doing all sorts of rope tricks, hooting and hollering as he put on a little show in front of a rawhide booth.

above: if you look very carefully you can see the rope twirling around his shoulders as he twirled it in circles and it went up and down his body. It was pretty cool actually.

above: I ran into Snoopy at the show and couldn't resist a quick photo. He was always my favorite from childhood. More from the Global Pet Expo tomorrow...stay tuned.

-Rick Rockhill


Canadian flake said...

Awww such cute puppies...don't work too hard.

Anonymous said...

awww!!! Snoopy....we all love Snoopy!

Lilian said...

Aaaah... it is terribly charming to hear about the two dogs that jumped all over you and your picture with Snoopy. [Snoopy is such a lovable character!] After reading your posts and see all the fun you have, I am seriously considering looking for a job in the pet industry... :o) Cheers!

Lilian said...

Aaah... it is terribly charming to hear about the two dogs that jumped all over you and to see your picture with Snoopy [he's such a lovable character]. I am considering changing jobs after seeing all the fun you seem to have in the pet industry ;-) Cheers!
PS: BTW, I love your posts full of life and spark.

Desert Songbird said...

Oh, Rick, that's a great photo of you and Snoopy! Love it!


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