Monday, February 4, 2008

Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards Gala: Featuring Charo!

Saturday evening I attended the 14th annual Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards in Palm Springs. In addition to being an awards gala, the event is also a fundraiser for the Desert Aids Project. The Desert Aids Project provides medical care and comprehensive support services to people living with HIV/AIDS in the desert community. They provide free, anonymous HIV testing and counseling, home health services, legal assistance and assistance with housing, medications, food, and re-employment. They also promote prevention and education outreach efforts. If you want to make a donation, click here. The Awards Gala was totally underwritten by donors, so any proceeds from tickets or the auction went to help people in need.
A Brazilian Theme, of sorts
"Flying Down to Rio!" was the theme of this year's gala, which featured some fantastic entertainment. The evening started out with a cocktail reception and silent auction, which is always a lot of fun.

above: In the ballroom, a live band played latin sounds with a retro '50's feel.

above: Broadway singer/performer Sam Harris performed a montage of songs with a Brazilian/Samba flair.
Celebrities Galore
The evening saw celebrities such as Actresses Betty White, Judith Light, America Fererra, and International singer/performer Charo and Broadway singers Patricia Morrison and Sam Harris.

above left: America Fererra (TV's "Ugly Betty") and above right: Betty White speaks to the audience. Betty White was hilarious.

above left: Sam Harris sang "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and really belted it out. Above right: Actress Judith Light and America Fererra pose for photographers after Judith accepts her Humanitarian Award.

above: The headline entertainment was Charo, who was incredible. She was so vivacious and fun; her lively singing brought the place to life.
above left: Charo was absolutely hilarious, full of quips and jokes about herself. Above right: Charo wows the audience with her incredible flamenco guitar music. She can play like nobody else. (I actually have a Charo CD and have always liked her)

above: Charo brought a company of Samba dancers with colorful costumes.

above: Charo was really really funny. She told one joke about this tight fitting costume she was wearing and how she could barely breath. She quipped: "I came to America to make money to eat. now that I make money I cannot eat" (reference to having to diet constantly to fit into her costumes). She fires-off jokes and one-liners so fast that I was barely able to stop laughing.
The Silent Auction
Shopping for charity is fun. Guests meander around bidding on art, gift baskets, cars, vacation packages, furniture, jewelry and all kinds of things.

above left: A Dale Chihuly hand-blown glass bowl, and above right: A Rolls Royce
above: Various paintings and works of art were part of the silent auction. I was out-bid on everything unfortunately, and came home empty handed.
-Rick Rockhill


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i love events like this. the only ones i have been to have not had the big names involved though, looks like such fun!

smiles, bee

C said...

WOW! Sounds like a great time you had! I can't believe how good Charo looks! Amazing! She is quite the lady, isn't she?

TWISI said...

A friend and I were talking about Charo this weekend, yeah I know, you can't say that everyday! Anyway, I said she must be in here 60's.... you have now seen her, your thoughts?

And Sam Harris.... LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Sorry you didn't win anything in the auction. I hope the event was a success.

zen wizard said...


WAT said...

I love Betty White. A classic TV star for sure, although she's starting to get really up there in years, but she's still very sharp and active which I love.

Ah yes, Charo, from Murcia, Spain.

Gotta love her too.

jackie said...

Charo looks sexy in that dress. fun pictures!!!!

Sheila said...

Fun pictures from another great event. Boy do you get around!

Big Pissy said...

Charo looks amazing! So life-like! ;-)

Betty White rocks!

America Ferrera is so pretty. :)

Canadian flake said...

wowzers...I didn't know Chara was still kicking around...

I remember her "Love Boat" days..lmaooooo.


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