Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Saturday Seven: Naughty-Named Bond Girls

Last week I heard about "Quantum of Solace" the newest James Bond film in production. I've always been a big Bond fan on many levels. I love the action, gadgets, amazing stunts, the fast cars, chase scenes, exotic locales and the evil villains who Bond always foils. But what would a 007 flick be without the Bond girls? I have always appreciated the wink-and-nudge humor in the names of some of the Bond Babes. This brings me to another scintillating edition of:
The Saturday Seven: Naughty-named Bond Girls
#1: Miss Pussy Galore: She definitely tops the list for the best name (it's a classic) in arguably the best, most defining installment in the series (Goldfinger). She was tough, sexy and talented.

#2 Plenty O'Toole: Her appearance in Diamonds Are Forever was quite memorable. Her chest did most of the talking, but Bond's quip when he meets her at the craps table in Las Vegas was one of the best lines ever: Plenty says to Bond: "Hi I'm Plenty. Plenty O'Toole" Bond glances at her chest and replies: "Named after your father perhaps"

#3 Dr Holly Goodhead: The intelligent CIA agent from Moonraker who could pilot a space shuttle too. I just loved her name.

#4 Honey Rider: her ultra sexy scene when she emerges from the sea in Dr No is the essence of what a bond girl is. The nice thing about her naughty name is that you have to think about it for a moment.

#5 Kissy Suzuki: You Only Live Twice is one of those Bond films that is often forgotten, but one I always liked. Kissy was a good asset to Bond, if you know what I mean.

#6 Mary Goodnight: Quite honestly, her role in the Man With The Golden Gun is somewhat forgetable, and she was definitely a "dumb blonde" but she did provide Bond with a good night or two.

#7 Octopussy: Her namesake was the title of the film, and wow did that conjure up all sorts of images. She was the ring-leader of a group of sexy girls who were thieves. I remember being in school and loving the fact that I could say "Octopussy" outloud in class with a friend of mine. We would break into fits of giggles while the teacher glared at us.

Bonus entry: Xenia Onatopp: She was a very bad girl henchman from GoldenEye. I loved the scene when she killed a guy by squeezing him to death with her legs in bed. She sure liked to be on top alright.
PS-This post is for Corky...for some reason, I just think he will get a kick out of it.
-Rick Rockhill


Anonymous said...

Gotta love 007!
Nice list.

lime said...

9th grade algebra my teacher said at the beginning of class she wanted me to stay afterwards. i fretted through the whole class thinking i was in trouble. after class she gushed, 'have you seen octopussy? my husband and i went to see it last night and you look JUST like the bond girl!'

i thought she was nuts then, and i still do.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Oh, those names! Makes any self-respecting woman roll her eyes in disgust! And yes, Corky will LOVE this one. I have another blogger friend who will go crazy with this one....I am going to send him this way.


Stephen Rader said...

My favorite naughty Bond girl name came from THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN. A Chinese girl swimming naked in a pool introduces herself to Bond. She says, "I'm Chew Mee."

I believe Bond says, "Of course you are."

Love it!!!

jackie said...

great post, my husband loves the james bond series, they are all classics in one way or another.

kenju said...

My husband idolized Ursula Andress, especially as she emerged from the water. He still remembers her fondly....LOL....all these many years later.

Tod said...

I spent ages trying to think up a new Bond Girl name to comment here. But those ones in your post and in the comments above are pretty unbeatable!

Anonymous said...

I have to share that I think I'd end up peeing my pants watching you have a fit of giggles, Rick.

It isn't even hard for me to imagine it happening. I bet that your face absolutely glows in various shades of reds and pinks!

[enter manical laughter here.]


Big Pissy said...

Great post!

Those Bond girl names were always so clever. :)

Canadian flake said...

Never been a fan of Bond...I think he is a sexist pig...but that's just me....lmaooooooooo.

Still a nice


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