Saturday, May 20, 2023

The Pet Show Radio Show with Warren Eckstein visits Lucy Pet Foods' Pet Food Safety Lab™

Rick Rockhill on air with The Pet Show
Today, radio veteran Warren Eckstein did a live remote broadcast of The Pet Show from inside the Pet Food Safety Lab™at Breeder's Choice Pet Foods plant, owned by Lucy Pet Foods in Irwindale, California. Warren had a chance to tour our plant, meet members of our team, and most importantly to see for himself how extensive our Quality and Safety Testing protocols are for our Lucy Pet dog and cat foods. The first two hours of the show were live on local Los Angeles radio station KRLA am/870 which was followed by another two hours on the National Broadcast of The Pet Show Program. All four hours of the shows ran live and are archived on Warren's YouTube Channel (link below). 
Warren Eckstein, Joey Herrick, Rick Rockhill
Warren interviewed Joey Herrick (our CEO and founder), Steve Lunetta (VP Quality) and me (COO), where we discussed our standards for pet food safety, pet food nutrition, and some of the less than desirable practices of some of the more unscrupulous brands in the industry. While we didn't "name names" we didn't shy away from spilling the tea on what some companies do. More importantly we each had an opportunity to share what we do at Lucy Pet Foods to ensure our foods are the very best and safe for your dog or cat.  There were a number of people on hold who called in to ask questions, yet even with four hours we didn't even come close to answering everyone. 

Long time readers of this blog know how passionate I am about animal nutrition and pet food safety. It has been such a privilege to now be a partner in our own pet food manufacturing plant. We have direct control over the raw materials we buy, the testing of every ingredient before we use it, testing "in process" while we produce, and then safety testing before we release each production. That means people can use Lucy Pet Foods and know that we have gone through extensive steps to make high quality, safe food for your pet.

Warren is a terrific person, very knowledgable about pet behavior training and animal advocacy. We are grateful to him for being so generous with his time interviewing each of us to share our story about Lucy Pet Foods, our Breeder's Choice Pet Foods plant and our incredible Pet Food Safety Lab™. You can watch the show here and check it out for yourself.

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