Saturday, December 16, 2006

Rick Rockhill

The beautiful San Jacinto Mountains, seen from my "Vintage Palms" residence in Palm Springs.
Hi, I'm Rick Rockhill and welcome to my lame blog about nothing. I live in Palm Springs California. The photo to the right is me with "The Whole Pet Diet" author, Andi Brown. Its a crazy photo of me, but I was having fun that night so I have a big smile on my face. I'm somewhat old-fashioned, raised to respect family, good manners, core values and a belief that pets are members of the family. At times, I am somewhat eccentric, with my collection of ascots, and Brooks Brothers wardrobe, but I am very down to earth. I'm a chocoholic and firmly believe that a day without chocolate is not a good day at all. My favorite is Since I am boring you with my favorites, I might as well mention that I enjoy full-bodied red wines (Cabs & Zins). My partner John and I enjoy visiting Sonoma and Napa Valley to explore new wines whenever possible.
The photo of me to the left is from August 18th, 2006, when I threw the "ceremonial first pitch" out at PETCO Park. I was very honored to have the opportunity and cherish the experience. It was an amazing experience.
I have a keen appreciation for things that echo the past: old architecture, traditional cultural norms, and people over 70 years old-they have a unique perspective of life. I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for our armed forces serving at home and abroad. They deserve our respect and thanks for defending our freedom.
Since John and I moved to Palm Springs , I've developed an appreciation for "modernist" or "mid-century" architecture. I love the wonderful old neighborhoods here with history and character. I'm fascinated by the Palm Springs "old Hollywood"history, when the likes of Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, Joan Crawford, Ava Gardner, Bob Hope, Lana Turner and others made the desert their playground. It was a really a cool time for our desert community. Below is a great photo of Joan Crawford, Judy Garland and Jane Wyman sharing a laugh while in Palm Springs many years ago...

I am proud to be part of a great community that has a fantastic social life, with highly philanthropic people who are generous to a fault, who dedicate their time and money to advance society and culture. Palm Springs truly is unlike anywhere else.

John and I have a great life here in the desert, with two fantastic "kids"- Koshimi (dog) and Owen (cat).
I love both my dog and cat, they bring me so much joy and happiness. Unconditional love that only a pet can bring! I like working for PETCO because we can bring out pets to work and also because most people there are passionate about pets and really "get it".
Here is a photo of my grand mother Julia, and my neice Isabella. I am so proud of both my beautiful nieces, Isabella and Elizabeth (below)who live in Rhode Island. They are so wonderful, I miss them very much. Isabella- if you read this Uncle Ricky says "hello" and "I love you very much!"

I consider myself a moderate republican; "compassionate conservative": fiscally conservative and socially moderate. And yes, I've voted republican for just about every election so far and I'm glad I did!

So here's something completely random: a scene from the new James Bond film "Casino Royale". This is 007, Daniel Craig (Bond) emerging from the water. I'm including this strictly for research purposes, in case anyone is wondering what the new James Bond looks like. Therefore, this truly is is a public service.

Now here's some boring dog food stuff:

I'm really excited about a project I've worked on at PETCO, teaming up with one of our vendors, Castor and Pollux to develop a holistic food called Natural Ultramix. Its a really an excellent natural/holistic pet food with six protein sources and raw fruits and vegetables mixed in with the kibble. Conveniently, you can buy it at any PETCO store or at

We carry several other really excellent natural pet foods such as Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance, Castor and Pollux Natural Ultramix, Solid Gold, Organix, and Halo Spot's Stew.
And now, a shameless plug for Natural Ultramix: Superior Protein SourcesNatural chicken is #1 on our ingredients list with five additional highly bioavailable proteins for optimal digestibility and great taste. Provides essential amino acids and the nutrients needed to help promote your dog's wellness by supporting a healthy skin and coat, strong, lean muscle mass and vitality.
Natural Fruits & VeggiesPure, wholesome fruits and vegetables provide valuable nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants for your dog. We simply dry the carrots, bananas, papaya, apples and blueberries and then blend with the Ultramix kibble. Don't be fooled by other diets that feature fruits and veggies in the ingredients list - you can't even see them in the kibble! And because they're usually processed under high heat they retain only minimal nutritional value...not so with NATURAL ULTRAMIX!
Rich Sources of CarbohydratesPotatoes, ground whole barley and grains provide essential vitamins and minerals as well as a balanced source of sustainable energy.
Essential Vitamins & MineralsFortified with essential vitamins and minerals and balanced to meet the needs of your adult dog.
Additional BenefitsFlaxseed, Glucosamine and Chondroitin (naturally sourced from chicken cartilage), and Omega Fatty Acids. Combined to promote wellness and help maximize the time you'll spend with your best friend. Natural Ultramix is great because it has:

No By-Products
No Fillers
No Wheat
No Corn
No Growth Hormones
No Artificial Preservatives, Colors or Flavors
- Rick Rockhill

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