Friday, September 25, 2009

Helping Your Pets Live Longer

Today my company's blog posted an article about our Pledge to Premium Pet Nutriton. This is part of a larger goal to educate consumers about why feeding a high quality pet food can really make a difference in the quality of life of a dog or cat. As is the case with people, what you put into your body has an impact on your health and well-being. That’s why choosing a high quality premium or natural food really makes a difference over the life of your pet. Pets lives are too short as it is, so if better nutrition can help my pets live longer and have fewer health problems, I’m there! Last December it was so hard for me when we had to put down my beloved Koshimi, but he lived a long life (16 years), mainly because we always fed him a really good natural food. Which is why I feed Sheldon, Duncan and Owen one of the best quality foods available so they too can live a long life. How do you know if your pet's food is high quality? Well, just read the ingredient panel on the bag.

It should start with high a specific protein, like chicken, lamb, salmon, turkey, duck, venison, etc. Never buy a food that says something generic like “poultry” or “meat”. You should know what kind of specific protein is being used in your pet’s food.

The next ingredients should be things you recognize and understand. Look for other specific proteins, like a fish, egg, pea protein, etc. All good foods also have fat to provide energy. Most have a carbohydrate source such as rice, or potato, etc. Look for other ingredients you recognize such as flaxseed, blueberries, cranberries, tomato, eggs, etc. Most pet foods will also contain some vitamins and minerals toward the end of the ingredient list. Those help ensure it is nutritionally complete and balanced. A really high quality food should never contain any artificial preservatives, colors, flavors or chemicals. There has been lots of controversy around ingredients such as wheat, corn and soy. Unless a vet has diagnosed a specific food allergy, most pets aren’t allergic to wheat corn or soy. Technically those are not bad ingredients, but in my personal opinion I prefer a specific meat or fish protein in the first few ingredients. Anyway, that’s my opinion for those of you interested. If you want to know more, check this out.


A Lewis said...

Whew...your post sent me up away from my computer and running to read the back of Mason's food's from Trader Joes. Any specific words of wisdom on their food? It looks good to me, according to the information you've provided. Many thanks!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

and where does the "cake group" fit into this rick?

smiles, bee


Thanks for the tips and info, Rick! We actually just discovered that our 11month old Marina has hip dysplasia. Any suggestions? poor baby girl.. glad I have pet insurance!

Happy Saturday!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Crusty- hip displasia? definitely get your dog on a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement ASAP. There are usually 3 stages of them- go right to the highest dosage so Marina will get the maximum joint lubrication going. It makes a real difference downthe road. On the food, depending on what breed or size dog she is, look for a large breed formula that has glucosamine in it. Otherwise there is a brand called Active Care by Breeder's Choice that helps with that. *I'm not a health care professional, so check with a vet, of course.

KathyA said...

Great advice, Rick!


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