Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finding the Extraordinary in Ordinary Life

Depending on how one views life, each day can either be ordinary and dull, or you can choose to see interesting and find amusement in the very things that we take for granted as we go about our daily lives. On a recent visit to New York, I was in a lounge and one of my friends casually placed her black leather gloves on the table along with a single red rose she had been carrying. I glanced down and saw a nice photo opportunity, don't you think?
Regular readers of this blog know I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and in particular cupcakes are my kryptonite. So it shouldn't be a surprise to you that when I saw this box of cupcakes at a work event, I immediately began to drool. In an instant I knew what my dogs feel like when they see me holding a treat above their nose trying to get them to sit. I actually found myself salivating at the sight of all these cupcakes. To distract myself, I snapped this photo. Luckily I was awarded one cupcake about an hour later...
I've been sitting on this photo for a few years. It was taken in London. A photo of a single egg with a sprig of parsley covering what would be its private parts along with the slogan: "Natural Since Day One" with sub text: "Please don't shame food with preservatives, chemicals and artificial additives". Clever, isn't it? I've saved this because it made me rethink what I eat.
This photo isn't especially unique at all. Except that it was taken from the terraced balcony on the 38th floor in Manhattan's midtown east side. I was staying in a very special private penthouse and found the view breathtaking. I was mesmerized by something millions of New Yorkers see everyday.
And now for something completely different. While at the Palm Springs Kennel Club Dog Show,  I saw this beautiful Standard Poodle bitch on her grooming table, waiting for a fresh fluff and brush. Poodles make me smile. Before you snicker about the poodle show cut, you should know that according to our friends at Wikipedia, this cut "originally provided warmth to major joints when the dogs were immersed in cold water. The rest of the body is shaved for less drag in the water. Although secretly I think Sheldon (my poodle) laughs at other poodles with this cut.
Finally, an artsy-fartsy type photo here. I think I may have posted this one before but I really wanted to close the post with this photo. I remember being very pleased with myself after taking this picture. It was over dinner with one of my famous actress friends. She made some comment about them reminding her of a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock film, and that comment stayed with me. It does have a rather dramatic effect to it. The point of this post is that everyday life presents us with all sorts of interesting things. It is just a matter of how receptive we are to see the extraordinary within the ordinary.


WAT said...

Ah Rick, yer blog is so inspirational sometimes. I need to see life like this more often. Thanks dude! LOL

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love those moments/vignettes? Sometimes they really make me take pause and appreciate the present moment

KathyA said...

1. You're so right -- attitude is EVERYTHING.
2. Those cupcakes!!!!
3. I could never understand why that cut is so attractive to dog people and the kennel clubs. Standard poodles are gorgeous dogs and that clip, to me, is hideous.

Rachel said...

Thank you for sharing the extraordinary in your life. A thoughtful reminder to look around and enjoy. Just what I needed.

C said...

Mmmmm...Cupcakes!!! Now you've just made me want to bake a batch...or two! I may have to write a cupcake blog post with you in mind! Have I mentioned lately how much I love you and your blog?


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