Monday, September 5, 2011

It Was a Very Good Labor Day

Being of a certain age, some holidays just don't have as much meaning as they once did. Don't get me wrong, I respect the reason and history of Labor Day, but these days it is just another day. As a kid, it was an important time marker. Growing up in New England, it signaled the last day of the beach season. Back in those days, it meant school started the day after. It was also the last day to stay up late for a few months. Now well into my adult life, I barely notice Labor Day has even arrived. 

Despite this, I was bound and determined to enjoy Labor Day this year. I spent a goodly part of the day sitting poolside with my laptop, writing. For me, that was a great way to spend a holiday. I splurged this morning and put cream and brown cane sugar in my coffee (normally I take it black). Mmmm that coffee sure tasted delicious. My day was off to a great start. There were some puffy clouds in the desert sky all day, but they never interfered with my patio time at all. As dusk approached I went for a nice long walk with Sheldon and Duncan. When we returned home I noticed another one of those absolutely stunning sunsets from my front courtyard. Fortunately I had my iPhone handy and was able to snap this picture above. Lovely, isn't it?
All three of us trotted to the south patio to admire more of the beautiful evening sky. The San Jacinto mountains were "painted" in orange and red hues. I happened to glance in the pool and saw the reflection of some palm trees in the water's surface. If you look closely you can even see the same orange color on the water's surface. It was a very good Labor Day for me. How about for you?


A Lewis said...

Nice. Very nice. Not too much going on, just me and the pooch until hubby arrived home this evening. Patio time. Computer time. And hubby brought me Garrett Popcorn from Chicago!

kenju said...

Yours was better than mine. I spent the day smacking mosquitoes.

Anonymous said...

Ours was awesome. We had a great time with family and the kids... Even got some good grandbaby time in. She's sooo darn precious!

Jeni said...

My Labor Day was not the best it could have been, for sure! For openers, it rained virtually all day and by the looks of things here, it's going to continue doing that today AND for the rest of the freaking week as well! Damn those hurricanes and their aftermath anyway! I didn't even venture out of the house at all yesterday but today, looks like I'm gonna be forced to go out in the rain and walk the poor dog. We let him outside about 10 minutes ago -unleashed (don't usually allow him freedoms like that, ya know) but apparently he doesn't like rain to run around in as he never even moved off the front stoop -just stood there, looking around, sniffing the air a bit and then, started to whimper just before he decided to jump on the front door and whine to be let back inside the house! So, guess a walk in the rain will be required for him and me, won't it?

Mona said...

Happy Birthday Rick!

snowelf said...

Did we miss your birthday? Rick super huge b-day hugs to you!! (sorry, I'm a hugger) ;)

Sounds like a beautiful way to spend labor day. I'm SO bad about letting myself take time just in the moment, so thank you for this "smell the roses" inspiring post! :)



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