Thursday, December 22, 2011

Adventures of Sheldon: The Demise of Reindeer Antlers & Snacks

Today I stopped by the Petco store in Palm Springs to pick up a few snacks for the kids. Sheldon and Duncan like Roll-A-Rounds because they are crunchy slices and Tillman's Treats because they are soft and smell delicious. No matter which one I bring out, they promptly sit up straight and wag their tails. It is so cute to see how much happiness a little treat brings them. In my travels today I bought a pair of reindeer antlers and had Mr Sheldon try them on before giving him a snack. Once the photo session was over, I rewarded Sheldon, and his brother Duncan with a few Roll-A-Rounds. He took the slices from my hand, brought them to his favorite sofa cushion and proceeded to devour every morsel. Five minutes after this photo, however Sheldon decided to play with his antlers...
Needless to say, they didn't last long. The plastic part that sits on top of his head had broken and was all just floppy, no longer identifiable as antlers. Oh well, at least they lasted for the one photo. So it was the end of the treats and antlers, all in less than 7 minutes. That's OK, he's worth it. I can always get more plenty treats for him anytime.

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grace said...

...and what joy it brought Sheldon for those 7 minutes. :)


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