Saturday, September 8, 2012

Whoop Whoop, It's My Birthday!

Ah September 8th, how I love thee. Not that birthdays really matter but I'm still a kid at heart I guess. You see birthdays mean chocolate cake. Did someone say cake? Say no more-- I'm there. That pretty much sums it up. I'm not looking to celebrate the fact that I'm now middle aged, or looking to wear party hats and receive gifts but I do plan to have chocolate cake. Oh and by the way, I like to celebrate my birthday for as long as I feel necessary. So if you see me having chocolate cake next week, that could very well be why.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

a very happy birthday rick!

smiles, bee

Cheryl Lawson said...

So that's why we get along so well. Both September babies, chocolate lovers,and crazy pet people. ha!

Happy Birthday Rick!!

KathyA said...

Happy Birthday -- and you are most certainly a man after my own heart -- say "cake" and I'm there with you!!!!

Jean(ie) said...

Happy birthday Rick! I turn 50 in a couple of weeks.

lime said...

happy birthday. i hope you enjoy the most decadent chocolate cake you can find. :)

Judi said...

When it comes to chocolate cake I believe in year round birthday's! Have you tried the Hermosa Bakery chocolate cake at Fresh &Easy?

Happy Birthday!!

kenju said...

Happy belated birthday, Rick, sorry I missed it. Hope it was happy. Did you save me a piece of cake?

grace said...

Happy Birthday Rick!! (We share the same day) fellow Virgo.


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