Sunday, November 18, 2012

I know there's something going on

Growing up, I was a huge ABBA fan. Oddly enough I still consider myself one today. I can recall when VCR tapes were all the rage. The big debate was between VHS and BetaMax. For some strange reason my dad chose BetaMax because it was supposed to have a higher quality resolution. Anyway, as a kid I went down to my local video store to find an ABBA BetaMax tape for my family VCR. I special ordered one for $100. Can you even imagine? A hundred bucks? Anyway the tape finally arrived. The year waa 1982...and suddenly, there was a new tape for me to order. It was Frida, one quarter of the ABBA foursome. Frida had released a solo album, and her first single "I know there's something going on" was the big hit of the day. Instantly I knew I had to have Frida's album. Anything associated with ABBA was sure to be of interest to me, I thought. Sure enough I bought the album and eventually a VCR tape of her video. Frida was a rocker-chick, more so than her ABBA counterparts, but I loved the hard sound. Even to today, I know there's something going on!

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