Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bringing in A Little Christmas Mood

For some reason I've been taken with the Christmas spirit this year a bit more than previous years. So much so that after the inside of the house was decorated, my eye turned to outside. The easiest change was to convert the underwater pool lights to green. Just beyond the pool you can see some tiny white lights in the distance. Those are the 'net lights' draped rather carelessly on our pencil tree, but it works.
Then it was onto the cactus plants in the west garden. Other than a few oleander bushes, there really aren't any shrubs in the garden, so that meant it was up to the cactus plants to carry the lights! This one is adjacent to the patio fireplace and looked kind of fun with lights on it. I was worried it might look tacky, but I think its OK.
Needless to say once I was finished stringing the Christmas lights everywhere, it brought an elegant and festive Christmas mood to the grounds. I wanted a little Christmas, and here it is, Palm Springs Style. I hope your holiday decorating brings as much joy to you this season.

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