Saturday, May 23, 2015

Doors Opening

These past few weeks have been enormously fulfilling and enjoyable on many levels. Doors continue to open, leading to interesting experiences and opportunities along the way of life. Much of my time has been spent in Asia, where I find myself drawn for both business and relaxation. I recently opened an office in Hong Kong, so I spend a good deal of time there now with clients and such. My Hong Kong office enables me to work more regularly with clients throughout Asia, as well as those in the US who do business in the South East Asia region. It also allows me time to visit friends and enjoy life along the way.

Doors of another kind have opened for me, coaxing me to cross an imaginary threshold that has been like a boundary for me the past year or so. These early steps are tentative, cautious and guarded, but becoming more sure-footed. The photo I selected of this post is a metaphor for what life presents to us. When the doors of life open, it is important to recognize what is before us, and to step ahead to seize the opportunities.

When I took this photo (Martyr's Shrine, Taipei Taiwan) I was struck by the beauty and solemnity of the shrine. Later when I was looking back at photos, they took on a different meaning. These huge red doors were reminding me to accept what was beyond the doors of opportunity in life. When you are presented with doors of opportunity that open for you, look beyond the threshold and move forward. You'll be glad you did.

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KathyA said...

Sensed a while ago you had been through some monumental changes. Glad to see you are embracing them.


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