Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Awesome Surfin' Jack

Surfin' Jack and me in Las Vegas!
There is a new canine star who has burst onto the scene whom I've come to know named Surfin' Jack. "Jack" is short for "Jackie" and she isn't just any old dog...she has an amazing story.

Surfin' Jack is a 2 year old Golden Retriever mix who was rescued from 'death row' at the Los Angeles East Valley Animal Shelter. She's a natural athlete and surfer who loves people and spreading smiles. This dog is a great example of how many truly amazing dogs (and cats) there are in shelters waiting for a good home. After being rescued, Surfin' Jack got some love and training, and went on to star in a Super Bowl TV commercial for the Lucy Pet Foundation. She has also been trained as a therapy dog to visit hospitals, nursing homes, and other folks. Surfin Jack is on a mission to help spread the word about Rescue, and also Spay & Neuter to help reduce the over-population of homeless animals. She also makes appearances from time to time with the Lucy Pet Foundation Mobile Spay & Neuter Van to educate people in local communities about this important cause. 

Surfin Jack wants to help other animals in shelters find a good home, so she is an ambassador for the Lucy Pet Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) registered animal charity. In the meantime, Surfin' Jack has now inspired a line of dog shampoos by Lucy Pet Products and has her own line called Surfin' Jack Coconut Moisturizing Shampoo and a Conditioner too! The best part of this line of shampoos from Lucy Pet Products is that they are Products With A Cause, so the profits go directly to the Lucy Pet Foundation. Surfin' Jack is able to help animals in shelters by raising money for an animal charity that really makes a difference! 

With Surfin' Jack at Blog Paws in Nashville TN
Long time readers of this blog know that I am an animal advocate and like to give back to animals any way I can. This is partly why I am proud to serve on the Board of the Lucy Pet Foundation to find more ways to help this charity help animals. Her social handle is @SurfinJackDog on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter...and now Surfin' Jack has her own website. I'm glad I've gotten to meet this amazing dog and can't wait to see all the amazing things she will be doing in the future. Keep an eye on this dog, she is going to be a star.

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