Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rick's Roadshow: New York OMD (One More Day)

Today is another installment of Rick’s Roadshow from New York, "OMD" (One More Day). First off, the Westminster Dog Show concluded last night with all its pageantry and excitement. The judging was fair and reasonable; although unfortunately the Standard Poodle didn’t win Best In Show. I was happy that the Sussex Spaniel won who is a Senior citizen at 10 years old. He literally came out of retirement to compete this year. This particular trip to New York was very productive from a work perspective- and also thoroughly enjoyable. I was so busy however, that I did not have time to see any old friends or fellow bloggers, which I regret. Since this was primarily a work trip and not personal time off, I can’t complain really. Today's post is going to be a bit of a hodge-podge, so I apologize up front!. Walking back and forth to my hotel I did pass lots of store windows- some of which were cashing in on the Westminster fever with windows like these:
above and below: I think this was Saks 5th Avenue. The giant brown plush toy was called "Chewy Vuitton". It's tough to see all the details, but take my word for it, this was some pretty high-end doggie supplies!
Below: The New York experience is unlike any other city. Regular readers know that I’ve traveled extensively, and lived in New York what seems like a lifetime ago. New York will always be a unique place in my mind. Times Square is just one of those sights to is unlike Vegas or Piccadilly Circus in London. It has a flavor all its own. I took a few photos to share:

above: this was around midnight, and there was a massive crane lifting a high new light onto the side of this building. There were hundreds of onlookers craning their necks to watch. Yep, New York is something else, even at midnight.

above: I also had a chance to take a kitchen tour at a cool restaurant at Lincoln Center. Here I am with some friends after dinner. I guess my reputation as a restaurant critic preceded was a fun way to end the evening.
Believe it or not, Rick's Roadshow continues this week, but from a new city. Today I head down to Orlando, Florida to attend the annual Global Pet trade show. So stick around, there's more fun from Rick's Roadshow all week!
-Rick Rockhill


kenju said...

I saw on the news last night that there was a dog from Raleigh in the show, but I didn't catch what breed he was - just that he was a "working" dog (long hair, black and very shaggy!) Too bad he didn't win, but the one that did looks very nice.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i saw stump on tv this morning with his cute little tongue hanging out...

smiles, bee

Olivia said...

I'm watching a repeat of the closing night right now!

Did you see the Ball at Times Square? It's going to stay up all year long now and be lit up for various holidays - so I imagine right now it must be red.

Too bad I didn't get to see you before I move, but twice last year was a treat. If ever you're in DC let me know... - and I promise I am not moving from there for a long time!

Ben Wu said...

Natalie and I watched a bit of the show last night on TV. Looked closely for somebody wearing a cravat, but alas.....

Odat said...

I just loved "Stump"....He's just so handsome...hehe.

(Maybe next time for coffee huh?) :-)


whimsical brainpan said...

I hope your trip is going well.

I'm so glad that the Sussex Spaniel won! He can show those youngsters a thing or two. :-)

Desert Songbird said...

The kids and I were thrilled that Stump won Best in Show. It was an exciting win for "the old guy."

Olivia said...

I saw Stump win - Go go Texan champ!

I love how he just looked calmly at everyone with his wise Spaniel eyes.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Like you Rick, New York has a special place in my heart! I spent so much time there as a child and as a young woman and even later....I couldn't live there now, unless I had a LOT of money---I need to see sky and trees, and have some kind of garden, traveling around in the city is just so very hard...(I've just talked myself out of that is unique in so very many ways---Broadway being very HIGH on that list, for me....LOVED your pictures, my dear.
I just love "STUMP"....It is great that he is an older dog....It says that at least in the Dog World, age is revered!

It sounds like you had a great time there and now---on to Florida!

WAT said...




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