Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Taste the Palm Springs Life

Regular readers of this blog know that I never post any paid advertising, nor do I "pitch" anything at someone else's request. That being said, I decided to write a post about a friend's business that might be of interest to some readers. My friend has no idea that I'm writing about his business, but it is a small way for me to say "thanks" for something very sweet he did for me over this past weekend, for which I am eternally grateful-(Thanks again Kevin).

One of the things I enjoy about writing this blog is the amount of e-mail I receive from people asking about visiting Palm Springs. People from all around the world e-mail me asking advice about sights to see and living here. We have a variety of interesting hotels, ranging from full service to small boutique hotels. For a more authentic desert experience I always suggest renting a house, especially if you want to entertain guests and want some extra personal space. There are a number of truly stunning properties that are professionally managed and maintained. Many can be rented fora long weekend, or for extended periods of time. Imagine visiting the desert for a week and staying in an architecturally significant home, nestled on the side of the mountain, or in a historic neighborhood. Or imagine yourself relaxing poolside in a home that was once owned by Frank Sinatra? now THAT is the Palm Springs life!

above: I've been to this mountainside house a few times. It has an infinity pool with breathtaking views of the desert below. Wow. If I didn't already live here, this house would make me want to buy a place of my own.

above: Ultra contemporary homes like this one, with glass and steel construction allow you to move effortlessly indoors and out. These are the types of places that offer an experience that you just don't get by staying in a hotel. I actually happen to have two friends who own/operate vacation rental homes: Beau Monde Villas and Vacation Palm Springs . I'd recommend both, depending on your travel plans and interests. Both firms offer great options for business or family trips. Having your own kitchen, dining room, space to entertain, and options like a pool or spa can actually make renting a house very affordable when you consider you won't need to dine out as often.
In this post I've shown a few homes from Beau Monde, which has exotic rentals and luxury vacation homes in Palm Springs, but also Beverly Hills, San Diego, Hawaii, Beaver Creek, CO, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and Naples FL, among others. If you are planing a vacation or business trip, think about coming to Palm Springs and finding a house to rent. It will offer the most authentic Palm Springs desert experience with privacy and amenities to satisfy your every whim. So that's the plug. Thanks for reading. Go ahead, indulge yourself and check out the amazing array of properties you can rent. Pack the car, book a flight and just get here!
Take it from me, I'm the Palm Springs Savant, I know about these things.
-Rick Rockhill


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips, Rick... I'll be sure to remember that!

kenju said...

I'd love to do that, and then I would hate going back home!

Rhodester said...

You so totally forgot to mention that Motel 6 there on Palm Canyon, and the Ihop that's down the street from it. They gave away free pancakes the other day, you know! You just can't beat free pancakes, Rick. Do your fancy house rental friends give away free pancakes? I didn't think so.

Rhodester said...

You know, I met Anne Hathaway once too, but I didn't have pancakes with her, OR get a picture, lest it'd be on my blog.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Rhodester- no, they don't serve free pancakes, I believe they would be more of Belgian Waffle type places ;-)


don't laugh but the one with the infinity pool looks a lot like the house that aired 6 or so years ago called Paradise HOtel.

I said don't laugh. :)

Thanks for the links, if I can ever get alone time with Brian sans the children and we win the lotto, we'll take a look at something like this. You've just added something to my "places to stay" list. :)

Btw, mentioned missing the bugs and blades of grass, right? Well, read 'silverware in China' and I think you'll understand that sometimes things can just make you cringe in embarassment. :)

Happy wednesday Rick.

btw..sorry to talk so long but Marina has started to bite her leash when we go outside to the bathroom. Any suggestions on how to tame that? She starts school march 14th.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i want pancakes!!! (ha ha ha)

smiles, bee

Mags said...

I'd like to hop right into those photos right now. Oh how I need to get away from this apartment!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

A Great way to see and stay in Palm Springs....Back in the day....I rented two different homes at two different times, having stayed in Hotels and Motels any number of times, over the years....It was a wonderful way to have privacy and comfort and quiet, if that is what one wants....!
And waaaaaay back in the 1960's, my father had a little house in La Quinta....That was a great way to "get away from it all"....! I LOVE the desert!

Anne said...

This is good information... i visited in December specifically because of your blog (sorry i didn't get in touch with you after that initial contact) and it is one of my favourite places and I love you blog. Happy Spring! (well sort of pretty close).

Anonymous said...

If anyone could possibly help me by telling me where I can find more information about the house pictured first, under Taste the Palm Springs Life (with the chais lounges with green cushions and pink pillows), I would greatly appreciate it. My sister is in the midst of planning her wedding out in Palm Springs, and interested in renting a few homes for some of the guests/events, and absolutely LOVES the looks of this house. Thank you!!


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