Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pet Food Forum in Chicago

I've been especially busy these past few days and have had no time to update the blog. I'm attending the Pet Food Forum in Chicago, where I gave an address to the pet food industry representing my company. As you know, I avoid discussing specific work stuff on my personal blog, but I wanted to share a few thoughts about the experience these past few days. Having worked in the pet industry for over 12 years, I've accumulated a fair amount of experience and perspective on the business. The Forum is attended by manufacturers, nutritionists, marketing folks, brand managers, and various other pet industry professionals. It was a privilege and honor to address the entire industry at this highly respected annual conference. I had a presentation that ran the full hour- I'm never short on words. As you may have gathered by now, I'm not exactly a shy person when it comes to public speaking. My schedule at the forum has been full; I booked virtually all of my time with an aggressive schedule of meetings, starting at 7:30 am each day right through dinner. At the end of each day I am exhausted from talking but in general I have found it to be fulfilling and mentally stimulating.
A Few Quick Views of Chicago

Few of you know that I called Chicago home for many years, so being back in the windy city is very reassuring. However, I honestly have not had any time to go out and enjoy the city or see any old friends (which I regret). I had dinner downtown one evening and snapped these three photos. I like the angle of these three very different structures.

above: A few of the famed Water Tower Place Mall, right on Michigan Avenue. How I love this city...

above: The actual Water Tower itself...I love this architecture.
Thanks for stopping by today.
-Rick Rockhill


Kathy said...

How great that you can speak on something that interests you so!

RhodesTer said...

Well no WONDER I haven't seen you in downtown Palm Springs, wandering the aisles of "Bath Junkie" and sighing heavily every time you pass by the lavender soap display.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Dave- you've got me all wrong...I'd really be sneezing rather than sighing. Frilly smells bother me!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Then you missed this HORRIFIC Heat! OY VEY! I wrote you an email, thinking you had been in PS during these Hot Hot HOT!
I think it is wonderful that you not only enjoy what you do, but are so good at it! And so devoted, too! You obviously bring all your enthusiasm for life and living to ALL that you do!

Scott in Iowa said...

Though I've never been able to call Chicago "home", I love that city! We go to visit at least every couple of months.

Desert Songbird said...

Although Chicago weather is horrid, I love that city as well. Been a long time since I visited, though.

Oh, and I can relate to being totally at ease with public speaking.

Matt said...

Wow, I really miss Chicago ... made me think of home. :) Thanks.

WAT said...

Do you even have a bucket list with all that great traveling, eating, and cavorting with celebs the way you do?

grace said...

I was wondering where you were.

ah, kinda town. Actually my hometown.

Lara Angelina said...

Happy you enjoyed my town! We truly do have one beautiful city (it's even prettier when the wind isn't blowing you over with a -50 degree windchill!). Looks like you were here along with some nicer weather. Glad to hear your convention went well!


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