Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Westminster Dog Show 2010

For the past few days I've been attending and participating in the events around the Westminster Dog Show. I've been a regular here for a number of years and just love being around all these terrific dogs. The show itself was broadcast live on the USA network Monday and Tuesday nights, for the Best in Group judging, with the Best in Show as the big finale on the second night's broadcast. What you don't see on TV is all the individual Best in Breed judging that takes place during the daytime. There, in Madison Square Garden are the champion show dogs within each breed standing around waiting for their moment to strut their stuff. It's actually pretty cool to walk around and spend time with the various breeds and watching their personalities.

above: Madison Square Garden is where all the action takes place!

above: I took this close up photo from the jumbo-tron of the Yorkie, she was cute.

above: here is "Walker" the toy poodle who won Best In Group for Toy dogs.

above: within the Non-Sporting Group, both the Miniature and Standard poodles were in competition, but did not take the Best in Group.

above: on the second night, an aerial view of the final round of judging for Best in Show. These are the seven best in group dogs lined up for the final moment...

above: the lights in the garden were dimmed for the dramatic moment. Spot lights swirled around the show floor as the announcer's voice boomed....

above: Sadie the Scottish Terrier who won Best In Show. She was favored to win from the start. Sadie not only won the Westminster top award, she also racked up Best in Show at the National Dog Show back in November and the AKC/Eukanuba Championship in December, making her a Triple Crown Winner!
I met her owners and handlers at the Show Dogs Awards the Saturday prior. Sadie is a really sweet dog, she looked so happy when the realized she had been picked! It was another great Westminster Show, I'm glad I was here to experience it once again.
-Rick Rockhill


kenju said...

Sadie is really cute. Our former neighbors had a Scottish terrier named Max. He was full of himself. Every single time he came near our dog, who was part Yorkie, he tried to mount her. She had been neutered and had NO idea what he was doing and she wanted no part of it! He never learned - or maybe like some men - he just didn't want to take no for an answer!

LouLou! said...

Rick, can you PLEASE post a picture of Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna from last night? I simply cannot find the words to describe her ensemble.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I watched both nights, switching from USA to CNBC on Monday night---I realized I was smiling for three hours....I SOOO enjoyed it!
And then Tuesday was so wonderful to see all the Best in Breeds competing for that last Best In Show....I was in love with ALL the dogs!!! But Sadie certainly was a GREAT Choice. What a darling darling dog she is! I thought of you Rick, and hoped you were there....! And, you were!!!

KathyA said...

It is rather exciting, isn't it? This is the first year that I actually missed it! I love the spaniels and the working dog categories.
My only problem would be if I were there, I'd have to fight myself to stop from petting all of them; a definite 'no-no', I know!


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