Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cupcake Quest: Dulce Cupcakery

The Cupcake Quest continues yet again. I recently discovered Dulce Cupcakery, based here in the Coachella Valley. They are quickly becoming a popular provider of positively palatable cupcakes. (Dulce is the Spanish word for sweet, and is pronounced "dool-say"). In this photo above left, is a variety of mini-cupcakes, they are packaged so nicely here in this box, don't you think? I placed the box on the passenger seat as I drove home. As I stopped at one of the traffic lights on the way home I reached over, picked up the box of Dulce cupcakes and stared though the window pane. My mind ran away for a moment as I dreamed about their flavor...HONK!! HONK!! blared the car from behind. The light had turned green. I carefully placed the box down again and continued driving. I could hardly wait to get home and dig in. Using my hand-free heads set, I called home and reported that I had the cupcakes in my possession. "Don't eat any before you get home" John scolded me. I told him there was no way I would do that anyway, as I still had to take photos of them for the blog. Welcome to my world of nonsense. Anyway, here are a few close-ups of these wonderful mini-cupcakes from Dulce:

above: As soon as I got home I put a few on a serving plate so I could savor them. They all looked delicious. I first had one of the chocolate ones, which was quite good.

above: then I had a "Dulce Corazon" which was a vanilla cupcake with raspberry filling and butter cream frosting. It was really delicious, especially considering I am a chocolate fiend.

above: I went to the Dulce website to look around. Check out this Mermaid Cupcake they have on their website, now doesn't that look fun? As always, this is not a paid post, but I should thank Loretta from Dulce for letting me taste her delicious cupcakes. It was hard to decide which ones I liked best.
If you live in the Southern California, particularly the Palm Springs area, Los Angeles or San Diego, Loretta told me she can deliver her delectable cupcakes to your home or event. I was so impressed with the variety of cupcakes Dulce makes, I went to their website and copied their menu so I could share it with you. Call Loretta if you live locally and want to order some. All photos and descriptions below are from the Dulce website:
Dulce Cupcakery Menu:
• la crema -vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting
• muy chocolat! -chocolate cake with lots of chocolate chips & buttercream frosting
• el coco-nut -coconut cupcake with coconut buttercream frosting topped with coconut flakes
• citron - orange cupcake with cream cheese frosting topped with white chocolate
chocolate pretzel – a little salt & sweet twist on a chocolate cake
• polka dots – this cupcake has both chocolate and vanilla chips!
• dulce’s red velvet –we don’t want to be like everybody else, so we add chocolate chips to our red velvet! Just want to make sure these are extra rich!
• the maya -chocolate and chipotle - sweet and spicy! dulce’s signature cupcake!
• el bon bon - chocolate cupcake filled with a creamy chocolate center, topped with buttercream frosting
• cola & chip – cupcakes for a movie night in! Real coca cola baked right into the cake and topped with a chocolate covered potato chip!
• dulce corazon - chocolate or vanilla cupcake filled with a cherry or rasberry center & buttercream frosting
• pb no j -yes, that would stand for peanut butter - no jelly :-) (unless you reeeeeally want it, we can add it just for you!). topped with peanut butter buttercream!
• chocolate orange -chocolate cake, mini chocolate chips and and an orange stick smack dab in the center. orange butter cream topped with an orange stick chunk - (are you kidding me?!!!) we would never kid you about chocolate! It is the bomb!!
• the bada bing – rich chocolate cake with a bing chocolate covered cherry on in the center and on top!
• moon pie - this one is oooey, gooey and oh so good! Chocolate cupcake, marshmallow in the center, covered in more chocolate and topped with more mini marshmallows, a moon pie!
whopper crunch - bite into this cupcake and crunch right into that ol' candy favorite, a whopper! It’s in the center and on top too!
• banana cream pie – heavenly! banana flavor galore and topped with a chocolate covered banana chip!
• the betsy (as in ross!) – simple and sweet; white cake, chocolate dipped blueberry and strawberry slice on top. dulce’s red, white & blue! this sweet thing is seasonal~
coffee espresso - perfect for breakfast! coffee and chocolate baked together and topped with a chocolate espresso bean!
captain crunch -remember that?!! captain crunch with crunchberries! a saturday morning cereal type of cupcake.
bacon & chocolate -if you luv salt & sweet, this is your cupcake! rich chocolate cupcake baked with bacon bits and topped with a nice bite size bacon piece that has been dipped in chocolate on one side. Makes my mouth water!
  • cupcake sandwiches "a cupwich" - yes that's right, a sandwich! pick a flavor of cake and we shmear the center with buttercream filling and dip it in chocolate - yyyyyyum!
  • cupcake pops, "popcakes" -the dessert on a stick! mini's made into a pop or "paletas" in spanish, dipped in chocolate! A HUGE hit with the kids :-)


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

those could make me move!!! mmmmm. look delish!

smiles, bee

Rhodester said...

My GOD Rick, please be careful driving around with a box of cupcakes on the passenger seat! I was pulled over once with a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts and the two cops relieved me of half of them before letting me go, AFTER issuing a citation for "driving under the influence of delectable sweets," otherwise known as a "DUTIODS."

I'd imagine Palm Springs Police wouldn't be able to resist such a scrumptious box of pretty little cupcakes. You'd be cuffed and searched, and they'd be confiscated as "evidence." Then you'd have to go to court, but you might get out of it if you bring cupcakes for the Judge, Jury, Bailiff and Court Reporter, not to mention the DA and your own Attorney. But that's a lot of cupcakes. Just keep them in the trunk next time.

kenju said...

Mi corazon wants one of those!!! They look wonderful!

grace said...

one word.....YUMMY.

Jeni said...

WOW! They all look fantastic but the one pictured with the raspberry filling looks downright sinfully scrumpdelishous! Oh and I don't know if this blog is still around or not but for about 2 years I used to follow a blog called "Vanilla Garlic" and the writer was a fiend about cupcakes in particular -making/baking and posting pics and recipes for his works. Wish I could give you the url for his blog but I took it off my blog roll a good while back and have no trace of it today.

KathyA said...

My mouth is watering!

Jen said...

Hmmm...sounds like I have yet another place to visit in a few weeks when I am there! :)

Desert Songbird said...

You are KILLING me with these photos and descriptions! I might have to get in the car and drive there right now!!!!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...


Gee these all look fantastic Rick!
I'm a Chocoholic too, so...I would want Chocolate Cupcakes Only...!
But they all look so incredibly dee-licious!

Diane J Standiford said...

Please, I'm trying to kose weight here. I just gained 3lbs. looking at your blog.

WAT said...

After a night of some drinking and herb inhaling (AHEM), I have to say these DULCES would be perfect! DAMN--SURE LOOKS GOOD!


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