Monday, March 29, 2010

Your Tap Water is Dangerous for Showers!

Most of you know that I rarely, if ever pitch products or stuff on my personal blog. I never write paid posts or accept any gifts to promote a product. I do tend to write about things I am passionate about, or if I want to help out someone with a great idea. Today's post is a bit of both. I consider myself a major advocate of natural health products (food, personal care, pet products, household materials, etc). But it was only recently that I learned how dangerous the public water supply is for many millions of Americans. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I "borrowed" much of the following content below from the Neutra-C website so I could explain it all.

The Chlorine and Chloramine used in public water supplies has been clearly established to be dangerous to the health of your skin and hair when you shower, but in an interesting manner. People unknowingly expose themselves to this every time we shower. The chlorine gases released in the warm shower have been shown to be irritating and damaging to the mucuous membranes of your eyes and sinuses as well as potentially damaging to your lungs. You are exposed to more harmful free-radicals in your shower than throughout the rest of your day.

of course, chlorine is necessary to disinfect our municipal water supply to make it germ-free and safe to drink. However, water with residual chlorine or chloramine in it is not safe to drink and even more hazardous to bathe in. The solution to this paradox is to remove the chlorine from your water after it leaves the plumbing system but before you use it.

Although there are many good products available to purify drinking water, that doesn't solve the more dangerous health problem of showering in chlorinated water. In the confined space of your shower the hot mist of chlorinated water is absorbed directly into your lungs, your skin and your hair exposing you to many times more chlorine than you get from all the water you drink.

As you might expect, there is a product that can solve this problem easily. It is called "Neutra-C natural chlorine neutralizer". It is a low-cost and easy to install water treatment system that uses the natural power of Vitamin-C to completely neutralize all of the toxic chlorine and chloramine in your shower water. According to the website, Neutra-C works at any water temperature and does not reduce the flow rate of your shower.

This Neutra-C chlorine neutralizing filter works by a simple, natural chemical process, in which Vitamin C is used to interact with the chlorine and chloramine present in your municipal water supply. This natural chemical reaction essentially leaves the strength of an acid (ph) relatively unchanged from the mild ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) solution in your Neutra-C filter to another very mild acidic solution which neutralizes the free chlorine rendering it harmless to your skin, hair and lungs.

Using a Neutra-C Natural Chlorine Neutralizer to treat the water in yoru shower benefits your health in three different ways:

1. Completely neutralizes chlorine and chloramine to protect you from their toxic effects.

2. Balances the pH of your shower to protect your skin and hair.

3. Gives you many of the health benefits of a topical Vitamin-C treatment.

I'm not an investor of this product nor do I make any money from it. But I do highly recommend using this. Especially ladies who have dry skin or have their hair colored. Using this will help extend the amount of time your hair color before it fades too quickly. I was surprised it is only $34, which seems quite reasonable, so I ordered it for both the house in Palm Springs and the place in San Diego. Don't you need one too?

-Rick Rockhill


grace said...

I am a Hairstylist, and have this problem with clients all the time. Water is a big issue with condition of hair, you can use all the great products, but if the water is :(, then you fight a losing battle. Great Post here!!


Anonymous said...

thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩

Diane J Standiford said...

ooo, ick.

lime said...

interesting. i had no idea. since i have a well i don't need to worry about chlorination, just the hardness of the water (which we dont' soften either).


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