Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LSS: One of those little annoyances

Have you ever suffered from LSS? LSS is the term that refers to Lazy Sock Syndrome. Symptoms are typically when a sock looses its elasticity and slides down one's ankle. Despite multiple efforts to return the sock to its intended position, it gradually slides back down. This is what is known as Lazy Sock Syndrome. It can be quite annoying and a modest inconvenience. Its one of those things that you notice all day, leaving a nagging sense and causing feelings of sloppiness, and being unkempt. There is no easy cure for Lazy Sock Syndrome- it would require an old fashioned treatment of darning socks, replacing the elastic, quite an intricate procedure. Ironically not a treatment embraced by modern society. Often we simply discard the socks or donate to a local shelter. Fortunately LSS is easily diagnosed. Socks will appear wider at the top, with a "stretched out" appearance. Upon close inspection one can detect that the sock(s) will have LSS. This morning I ignored the warning signs of LSS, in favor of a pair of socks that I've been attached to for some time. I put them on in a rush, and dashed out the door. Before I could put my foot on the gas pedal I knew it was going to be an LSS day. I picked the socks and I put my foot right in it, so to speak. It may be time to purge the sock drawer. Or perhaps channel Betsy Ross and have a sock-darning seance.
-Rick Rockhill


KathyA said...

LOL. When in school, we were made to wear knee socks -- socks that frequently suffered LSS. We used rubber bands to fortify the sock!!!

Mags said...

Oh how I hate LSS!! It usually happens with my trouser socks...maybe we should start collecting money to help find a cure.

Jeni said...

When I first started to read this post, I was thinking the "L" in LSS stood for "Lost" sock syndrome -which plagues this house, frequently. But the Loose sock syndrome also occurs here too -especially with knee high hosiery for women! What a pain in the behind that is to cope with too! And you're so right about it making a person feel really sloppy and unkempt too when you realize those knee highs just aren't going to do anything but end in a clumpy mess around your ankles and rather quickly too!

Anonymous said...

I can"t say I've had LSS, but I have had Pantyhose snap syndrome.... I was working on a huge tabletop sale to the CEO of a National restaurant chain. I was wearing MAJOR control top pantyhose on top of control top undies and all of the sudden my pantyhose decided to snap and roll their way down to my knees... Seriously! I had to think fast to make an excuse to get a quick trip to the back room to roll them back up. Luckily some drop-dead gorgeous blonde came in the store, he went over to flirt with her, I made a quick stealth exit and fixed it.

And yes, I made the sale -- 12 place settings of Fitz and Floyd china, high end silverplate flatware, and crystal! Linens too!

Diane J Standiford said...

World LSS Day! I have a issue with socks, I like expensive socks and buy ones I like in many pairs at a time. Lazy socks must go. Gawd, I am a sock snob.

snowelf said...

Oooo...loose socks just feel gross!! I can totally sympathize. I am really really picky about my socks. They have to be thick and snug or they will be exiting my home quickly.
I don't wear a lot of socks during the day since I mostly wear dresses at work, but at home, there is nothing more cozy than slipping into comfy socks after running around in heels all day.


p.s. Thank you so much for your reminder and inspiration to stay positive. I accepted the offer for my new job yesterday!! Yay!! Feel free to enjoy a martini in celebration and hug your puppies and Owen for me. :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm wearing a pair of the type of socks, right now! Both are down at my ankles...Resting! (lol)

WAT said...

LSS is annoying. Give it up and throw that sock and the good one that goes with it away.



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