Friday, May 7, 2010

Rick's Roadshow: Dinner in London

I've been away from the blog for awhile, quite busy with all sorts of travels. Today begins a fresh installment of Rick's Roadshow, this week from London. I'm on my way to the Interzoo pet supply trade show in Nuremberg, Germany next week. This week I'm in the UK for some meetings and squeeze in a bit of R&R along the way too. It's always good to be back in England. Having lived here what seems like a zillion years ago, I still have an affinity for these green lands, this sceptered isle. The weather has been fairly pleasant, although I suspect I'll encounter a bit of the wet stuff today while out and about town. Last night I met up with an old friend for dinner. We went to a lovely Sardinian restaurant called Olivo in West London, close to Victoria Tube station. In this photo I was still a bit of a zombie, not having much caught up on sleep still. I'm smiling because I was about to enjoy a piece of Tirimisu, which turned out to be quite delicious.
In fact, here is a better view of it- the cocoa dusting around the plate made me especially happy :-)
The big news here is all about the UK's new Hung Parliament, with a single party not having garnered a majority in yesterday's General Election. Most people seem happy that the current Labor PM Gordon Brown will be out. Looks like David Cameron will have to assemble some sort of coalition government I suppose...we'll wait and see. I imagine he will be headed to Buckingham Palace shortly to meet with HM The Queen. After a General Election if there is a change in control, she formally "invites" the winner to form a government. Not sure exactly what happens when its hung like this. I suppose Cameron will be busy! Tomorrow I'll be sure to post some more photos and a proper update from Rick's Roadshow in London, so do come back.
-Rick Rockhill


Anonymous said...

enjoy your travels and stay safe, my friend... that tiramisu looks divine! I love a good tiramisu!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i was wondering where you went rick! have a blast honey...

smiles, bee

Sharon said...

Ah, this explains why you haven't been posting. Enjoy your travels, I love when you write about your experiences. Enjoy all the tiramisu you want! Take care.

KathyA said...

I believe tiramisu is the universal cure for jet brilliant of you!!

grace said...

lovely food and photos. I grew up in London, and boy do I miss it!
Safe travels, I look forward to your posts from 'Jolly Ole England'.......



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