Saturday, January 8, 2011

Film Fest Penfolds Reception & Dinner at The Riviera

Film Festival events are well underway, adding some glamor and fun to the impressive line up of films being screened over the next two weeks. Last night I attended the Penfolds reception held at the legendary Riviera Resort. I arrived early, along with the team making sure everything was ready-set-go for the evening. The special red carpet was in place and ready to greet celebrities and filmmakers like. Penfolds featured several of their terrific wines, so naturally I felt compelled to conduct a tasting of them all. They certainly offer a nice variety of reds- their Cabernet Sauvignon Shirz was my favorite, although I do not recall the vintage. Penfolds added to the status and class of the evening, I think it was a great fit. 

Anyway, I attended the cast dinner party for an upcoming Independent film called "A Thousand Cuts", which was filmed here in Palm Springs. A Thousand Cuts is a psychological thriller about a vengeful father who hunts down the Hollywood director whom he believes made a film that inspired the murder of his daughter. Executive Producers are Palm Springs' own Wonderstar Productions and J&J Productions, and was produced by Audrey Loggia (photo below). 'Cuts' was directed by Charles Evered, written by Eric Barr and Marty James, it stars Michael O'Keefe, Oleysia Rulin, Michael A Newcomer, Jimmy Van Patten and Charleen Closshey who were at the dinner party at the Riviera.
Producer Audrey Loggia and actor Robert Loggia on the red carpet

Enjoying my usual martini during all the madness.

Its always interesting watching the photographers going wild with their cameras, all vying for "THE PHOTO" of the night. I stood back and observed the frenzy and snapped a few photos of my own. In this photo here are: Executive Producer Kim Waltrip, actor Michael A. Newcomer, actor/writer/producer Jimmy Van Patten, actor David Naughton, Executive Producer Jim Casey, all from their latest project "A Thousand Cuts

A legend in her own right, the enchanting Miss Diahann Carroll, singer, actress and trailblazer in Hollywood. I had a lovely chat over dinner with Miss Carroll, she is to be inducted into the Television Academy of Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame on January 20th. I'll be at that event in Hollywood so I hope to write about that evening here on my blog. Diahann Carroll is a class act, one whom other modern day performers would do well to emulate. Alas, there are few true entertainers today who can compare to the generation of Miss Carroll. 
It was a fun evening, but just a warm up to the big star-studded Film Festival Awards Gala Saturday stay tuned for more.


kenju said...

SUCH a life you lead!!!

KathyA said...

Sounds like an elegant and exciting evening.


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