Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Piece of Palm Springs History Continues to Thrive

If you've been reading this blog with any regularity over the past few years you have undoubtedly seen numerous posts or reference to Melvyn's, my favorite restaurant in Palm Springs. I suppose one might say I'm a regular there because I love the service, food and ambiance. There aren't many places like it left in the US; they still prepare certain dishes table side, by a staff of professional career waitstaff. Their head waiter, Bobby Bolduch is a fixture there and is a real pro. Just last week I heard that Bobby is about to reach his one millionth preparation of Steak Diane (prepared lovingly table-side at Melvyn's). In fact I believe this milestone is set to be covered on the Today Show soon. 
Melvyn's is a hip and swank connection to Palm Spring's Hollywood history. Many of the legends in entertainment have dined here over the years. It remains so today and now a new generation of young Hollywood continue to flock to Melvyn's themselves. 
Continuing on the theme of great restaurant staff, I just read a great article in The Desert Sun about the Maitre d'Hotel, Brian Ellis. I've had the pleasure of knowing Brian for a number of years and consider him one of the finest Maitre d's I've ever met. He was trained in the "old school" methods and can make anyone feel welcome and special. 

I've hosted a number of parties at Melvyn's and he always handles the details with class, style and precision. Everything runs like clock work, and as a host to a party of guests, that means a lot. Just last week I had a dinner party for 30 people on several nights. One of the three evenings was at Melvyn's; and my group told me it was the most memorable experience of all the dinners.

There are lots of great reasons to visit Palm Springs, and Melvyn's is one of them. For locals, Melvyn's restaurant is a place I can drop in mid-week for a quick meal, or for special occasions too. Whatever you reason, be sure to check it out and experience a piece of Palm Springs history.


KathyA said...

Great...recommendation #1! Too bad you won't be able to join us, though.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i think a good maitre 'd makes the restaurant!

smiles, bee

kenju said...

If I ever get to Palm Springs, I'll be sure to eat there.


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