Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dogs Surf the World's Longest & Heaviest Parade Float with Natural Balance

photo credit: Betsy Martin
If you missed seeing the Natural Balance Pet Foods Rose Parade Float during the Rose Parade, I took a brief video of our float. The float was certified by Guinness World Records as the World's Longest and Heaviest. The float measures 116 feet from end-to-end, and will weigh more than 100,000 pounds thanks to 6600 gallons of water.

It took a Ford 6.8-liter three-valve V-10 engine, normally used in its F-Series Super Duty trucks to power such a massive float. Thanks to the folks at Ford Motor Company for getting the float going! 

Now here is the video I took with my iPhone. If you watch closely you can see Rose surf.
Here is a link to the same video on YouTube.
I thought I'd also share a bunch of awesome photos of our float. Most of these photos below were provided to me by Betsy Martin, who works with me at Natural Balance. 
We were very excited to be awarded the 'Extraordinaire Trophy' for our float.
photo: Betsy Martin, Natural Balance
Above: here are Dick Van Patten, Jimmy Van Patten and NASCAR driver Greg Biffle, at the front of our float! 
Greg Biffle photo: Betsy Martin Natural Balance
Here's a great photo with famed NASCAR driver Greg Biffle, who rode on our float, along with Tillman! He is a really great guy who loves animals too. The Greg Biffle Foundation raises awareness for animal advocacy, so check it out.

photo: Betsy Martin, Natural Balance
Check out Tillman surfing! Tillman is certified by Guinness Records as the fastest skateboarding bulldog in the World. He loves to surf too! Check out these two photos. He is really having a blast here. He surfs with his dad at local beaches near LA all the time, so he is a real pro, as you can see from these pics.
photo: Betsy Martin, Natural Balance

photo: Betsy Martin, Natural Balance
photo: Betsy Martin Natural Balance
Here is Stanley an amazing Chesapeak Bay Retriever and friend of Natural Balance. He is one of the So Cal Surf Dogs who surf with their dogs. They promote safe dog surfing and having fun surfing for the mental and physical health for both you and your dog. Pretty cool group, huh?
Here at left is Norman, better known as "Scooter Dog" He is also a friend of Tillman and Natural Balance, read more here.
photo: Betsy Martin, Natural Balance
Here is Newman, an English Bulldog and one of the winners of the open casting call we had at Natural Balance for dogs to surf on our float. Newman is surfing backwards in this photo, pretty amazing trick!
Stealth Bomber photo: Rick Rockhil

Photo: Rick Rockhill
At the start of the Rose Parade, a US Stealth Bomber completed its fly-by, which is always a crowd pleaser. It is one amazing piece of military technology. 
A Skywriting airplane for Geico insurance wrote 'Happy New Year' over the parade route, which was fun. The 2012 Rose Parade was really awesome. I'm proud of the Natural Balance Pet Foods float, I think we really stole the show. I hope you enjoyed these photos.

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WAT said...

I saw this on TV. Had no idea you had a part in it. Pretty cool. Happy 2012 and come by my blog. I've updated!


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